Mix Rider (controller app for Android)

Hey everyone!

I’ve created Mix Rider as I wanted to try using my phone as a DJ controller.

It’s been a fun project, and obviously wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing efforts and talents of the MIXXX developers - thank you team!

It’s just a basic deck & browsing controller at the moment but works nicely for my needs (using an external hardware mixing setup).

I thought I’d share this as a free app. If you’re interested in trying it out see https://mixrider.com for details.


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I don’t like to use phones or tablets for this kind of tasks, said that, your app looks very interesting.
Good job. :smiley:

Hey @LAM thanks for the interest.

I agree and prefer to use a good physical controller than a touchscreen app. This app is still fun to mix with if you don’t have a controller with you and much better than keyboard/mouse IMO.

Cool idea. Might help new or casual users to get into mixing. Also helpful as a backup.

Thanks for choosing Mixxx as a platform!

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