Mix - save preferences

Mixxx 2.3-beta, Windows.

Is it possible to save and load preferences/settings - in particular the sound hardware assignments?

This question is prompted by an incident this morning, when I started Mixxx without turning on the power to my external sound devices, and mixxx subsequently “forgot” all of the settings. It would be good if I could back up and reload those settings.

Also, it would be helpful if I was using Mixxx on a laptop with several different audio hardware setups.

Mixxx only stores the last used sound hardware settings. It would be convenient if it was smarter and could use different configurations depending on what hardware is plugged in at the time, but that is not implemented.

you can manually backup soundconfig.xml which makes absolute sense if you have complex setup.
If you use an uptodate version of 2.3 you can open the folder holding that file when go to the bottom of Preferences > Library and click that button image