Mixars Primo Mappings?

I own a Mixars Primo controller.
I’ve recently downloaded Mixxx in hope of using my hardware with your software, only to find that Mixxx recognizes my Primo, yet there are no MIDI mappings for it.
Can/will there be any mappings made available for this controller?

Sure* …if you or anybody else who owns this controller provides one. A mapping can only be developed by someone who has access to this controller.

*edit: assuming that is controlled by MIDI

I see, and I understand.

I’ll be checking the Forums periodically.
In the meantime, I guess I’ll just dig out my Numark Mixtrack Platinum to use with Mixxx.
Glad I decided to hold onto that little baby!

I appreciate the reply.

You can also create your own mapping:


I was willing to do the mappings, but when I choose Controll Wizard I cannot enable my controller. Button “enabled” is … disabled. Do you know what may be the issue?
This is how it looks: https://i.imgur.com/HywRTTM.png

Maybe I will add another comment: I can start Wizard, but it does not recognize any MIDI messages: https://i.imgur.com/pWk616b.png
What am I doing wrong?