Mixtrack Platinum Mapping (Possible update)

I made a small update to the built-in Mixtrack Platinum mapping (Not the FX version, original). It’s a small change but it gives my skin a whole new level of function. So in Serato, if you have your UI set to 2 deck mode and you toggle from Deck 1 or 2 to deck 3 or 4 (or vice versa) then it actually changes the displayed deck in the UI. I added this to the MixtrackPlatinum.deckSwitch function:

// Send deck change signal for skin
if (channel == 0x00) { // Deck 1
    engine.setValue("[Controller]", "deck3_active", 0);
    engine.setValue("[Controller]", "deck1_active", 1);
else if (channel == 0x01) { // Deck 2
    engine.setValue("[Controller]", "deck4_active", 0);
    engine.setValue("[Controller]", "deck2_active", 1);
else if (channel == 0x02) { // Deck 3
    engine.setValue("[Controller]", "deck1_active", 0);
    engine.setValue("[Controller]", "deck3_active", 1);
else if (channel == 0x03) { // Deck 4
    engine.setValue("[Controller]", "deck2_active", 0);
    engine.setValue("[Controller]", "deck4_active", 1);

I’ve also got a skin I’ve been customizing (based on traktmixxx) wherein I bound the visible property of each deck to the respective “deckX_active”. The effect is a UI that changes visible deck on screen based on the state of my controller. Not sure if anyone is interested in updating the “official” version with a similar feature but honestly, it’s a small quality of life update that is pretty awesome and if it can be standardized, it could be implemented in a bunch of skins and controller mappings which would bring mixxx that little bit higher. If nothing else, maybe someone else will see the little snippet and want to implement it personally. I’ll definitely be using it like this, lol.

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Is this setting specific to your skin?

It is but it can be implemented into any skin easily enough. What I’m suggesting is to standardize a way to create this effect. Many controllers have a deck toggle on them, I think having a hook built into the scripts for those controllers (The one I wrote as an example but not as “the way”) would make it a viable option to update all the skins to support the feature. In fact, I was already considering implementing it into the default skins as a custom variant.

So I’ve got some screenshots of what I did with the skin just to really show what I mean.
This is the skin in its normal state: https://prnt.sc/vb25ya
Then when I press the deck toggle button ( https://prnt.sc/vb26nq ) it changes the UI like so: https://prnt.sc/vb261o (Notice that the deck on the left now displays 3 instead of 1)

I’ve also gone so far as to create two buttons that change the waveform display and mixer to the same behavior like so: https://prnt.sc/vb2755 In this picture, you can’t see the waveform or mixer for channel 1 because it’s set to swap the visual one. This setting is as simple as toggling the the button at the top next to the waveform icon (from 2 to 4).

If more controller mappings were update to support this and the skins with them, it could be a hell of a feature.

Cool idea, and cool looking skin. If you want to get this implemented, it’s probably a good idea to bring it up on zulip. Eventually, you’ll need to make a pull request on GitHub.

I’m the author of the mixtrack platinum mapping. If you can standardize this behavior across the default set of skins, I’ve got no problem implementing it in the mixtrack platinum mapping (or just submitting what you have already).

99% of the design of the skin if from the Trakmixxx skin (someone else’s work) Original Skin Here But yea, one reason why I always wished I could afford Serato Pro and the DVS expansion was for the deck swapping in the UI. I’ll probably work on the default skins tonight and/or tomorrow to see about implementing this behavior in all of them (A variant of them, at least).

Got Deere skin done with the dynamic deck behavior. Now in 4 Deck mode it has three options to enable dynamic decks, dynamic waveforms, and the dynamic mixer.

Of course, it still fully supports the original 2 deck and 4 deck layout (just don’t select any Dynamic options).

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I made the skins and created a pull request for them. If you want to check that out: https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/pull/3270

And if you want to know my custom version of the Mixtrack-Platinum-Script-js file this should take you there: https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/compare/main...LadyDefile:DynamicControllerMapping#diff-f6210d7852bd147e7042df4289fc49d902c2ea1f258bd3be7cde655b13560a48

If it doesn’t, the only difference between mine and yours is:

Cool, I’ll try and take a look this weekend.