Mixtrack Pro 3 Tempo Slider Lag on w10

I’m getting a significant delay between the controller slider & the onscreen slider and gui freeze whenever I move the tempo slider on a Mixtrack Pro 3.

MixtrackPro3Lag (1)

So far I have ruled out the controller itself as it works perfectly in Serato.
I have ruled out the mapping as it works perfectly in Mixxx 2.2.4
The only thing that remains is the 2.3 beta where I’m only getting the issue.

Has anyone else had the issue with the 2.3 beta with a Mixtrack Pro3 on windows10?

does it affect all ardware sliders?
does it happen when you use the keyboard mapping to adjust sliders? (with and without the controller attached)

Thanks for jumping into this @ronso
Only the tempo slider is affected.
Using the keyboard mapping does not cause the bug, with or without the controller attached.

I think something’s changed in the way 2.3 interprets the signal, and maybe overloading mixxx? 2.2.4 works fine

I’m stumped. I’ve even changed the the slider value calculation to be similar to other controllers, but no luck.

Can you run with --controllerDebug and check the command line output? Maybe the controller is overloading Mixxx by sending too many signals? IIRC we recently changed the way Mixxx handles MIDI overflow.

EDIT: We changed it here: gracefull handle Midi overflow by daschuer · Pull Request #825 · mixxxdj/mixxx · GitHub

@hlzhs thanks for jumping in too
I looked at at build before PR#825 was merged & Im getting the same issue, so we can rule out.
here’s the log with --controllerDebug on Mixxx-2.3-r8121-d4108005a7
mixxx.log (1.2 MB)

I was getting the same log on 2.2.4, question would be how is 2.2.4 handling the same load and not bugging out? It does look like a lot of data is coming through. Does everyone’s log look like mine?

I have a lot of the below, think it’s the two blinking pads, one on each deck 1 & deck 2

Debug [Controller]: Killing timer: 95
Debug [Controller]: MixTrack Pro 3: outgoing: status 0x92 (ch 3, opcode 0x9), ctrl 0x13, val 0x00
Debug [Controller]: MixTrack Pro 3: outgoing: status 0x91 (ch 2, opcode 0x9), ctrl 0x13, val 0x20
Debug [Controller]: Starting one-shot timer: 95

When I move the tempo slider, the below time doesn’t look good and it increases the longer I have the debug session going

Debug [Controller]: MixTrack Pro 3: t:82307 ms status 0xB2 (ch 3, opcode 0xB), ctrl 0x18, val 0x44
Debug [Controller]: MixTrack Pro 3: t:82307 ms status 0xB2 (ch 3, opcode 0xB), ctrl 0x38, val 0x4B

ping @ronso @hlzhs can you read anything from my logs.

I managed to quiet down the manual loop blinking buttons, but that did not help with lag :frowning:

Also where are the old appveyor builds, I can’t work out the folder structure at downloads.mixxx. Maybe if go back far enough I can test which 2.3 build started this.

we don’t use appveyor anymore. now all binaries are built by github actions and deployed to the dwonload server.

I’m not very familiar with the c++ side of the controller script engine, @hlzhs maybe?