Mixtrack Pro 3

Thanks for the info Steph. If you can do it, I can try and test the long press option & see if it’s any more intuitive. Cheers

In the meantime, when needed you can enable the 2nd pfl directly on the GUI with a mouse.

I don’t know if this idea appeals to someone who can do scripting but it might be fun to be able to manipulate loops using the touch strips

The only thing I’d like to do, and I may have a crack at this myself, is to be able to change beat-jump amount. Maybe pad mode + dry/wet knob for changing amount, and shift + pitch bend -/+ for actually moving.

Also, perhaps having loop-move, and being able to adjust the loop move amount (tap + dry/wet?) would be good. For loop move I’d map the pitch bend -/+ buttons since I don’t use those, but that may be not good for everyone…

You have a very active imagination. This is why I prefer mixxx over everything else. The community’s ideas and developers are SO on point!

Thanks, I’ve been doing this a short while but the dev community is pretty awesome and seems to be headed in the right direction too! Props to djsteph for making a super thorough mapping.

I’m playing with the following:

Beat Jump:

  • change size with shift + beats knob. Range 1/32 through 64, default 1
  • jump back with shift + pitch bend -
  • jump forward with shift + pitch bend +

Loop Move:

  • change size with with tap button + beats knob. Range 1/32 through 64, default 1
  • move backwards with tap + pitch bend -
  • move forwards with tap + pitch bend +

Other changes

  • move sampler gain control to Pad Mode + Browse Knob. Left Pad Mode controls samples 1-4 and Right Pad Mode controls samples 5-8.
  • move beat grid forwards/backwards with pad mode + beats knob. I think this operation is less common. Shift is more prominent and tap is more convenient.

Pitch bend functionality remains there as default to avoid confusion. I think this works well because you can press your modifier key to change the amount, keep it pressed down and execute the beat jump or loop move without lifting off the modifier.

The only problem… and this makes it quite hard to use, is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to update the beat jump size, or the loop move amount in the UI. Looks like there’s an open issue on it and a suggested implementation however: bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx/+bug/1 … omments/11. Curious to see what djsteph thinks of above.

IMO, without a way to show those values on screen or the controller (which there isn’t a way to do on this controller), there’s not much point in mapping it. If you’d like to go ahead and implement that proposal on the C++ side, that would be awesome.

Yep, you’re right, having to keep those numbers in your head is very much non-ideal…

I have plenty of JS experience but very limited C++. I have been looking through just to get an idea of where to start however and may be able to have a crack in the next few days.

Great. Take a look at the Developer Guide on the wiki to help you get oriented.

Shift + TAP toggles 4 deck control with the TAP light indicating decks 3 & 4.
Pad mode and the pad to the right of sample mode isn’t programmed for anything as far as I can remember. Maybe it can be used as a toggle and an indicator light for a feature you want.

Also looking through some of the other controllers, one of the Vestax mappings uses the jog wheels to adjust the loop size. I’ll have a look and see if I can work out how they did it. I’m no coding genius though :slight_smile:

I could see those being cool, as well as using the effects pad, but for my use I’m happy with the current loops controls - other than missing loop move.

The only other thing (that I wish we had knobs for) is access to the trim for each deck. What do you guys think about double modifiers, eg. shift + pad mode + beats knob?

That (awesome!) function wasn’t interfered with. Was just saying that I’d rather use shift + beats to control beatjump length, and tap + beats to control loop move length, moving beat grid adjustment to pad mode + beats. As Be pointed out though, these changes are really hard to use without the ability to show these changes in the UI.

Good call on the pad mode + right pad. That’s pretty accessible for a toggle. Just don’t really know what other things you’d want to toggle lol. There is also pad mode + hot cue buttons… Do you know if the hot cut buttons change change color or are they red only?

I’ve mapped a single encoder on my P32 for loops and don’t feel a need for fine control of the loop move size apart from the loop size. I’ve mapped it so turning the encoder with shift moves the loop by one beat, unless the loop is smaller than a beat, in which case it moves it by the loop size. Two buttons would work decently for that, but there still needs to be a way to select the loop size.

Have you thought about remapping the pads in autoloop mode? You could map them to 1/2 loop size, double loop size, set/disable loop, reloop (enable loop that was set previously). Or you could keep the current mapping for the autoloop pads and keep track of the size of the last activated loop in script, then use that to determine how far to move the loop. The latter option wouldn’t require any C++ changes.

While it is nice to be able to change the beat jump size, in practice I find I rarely want to do that. Using the beatjump control multiple times with whatever size it is set to is usually more convenient than setting it to a larger size.

Probably overcomplicated. I suggest using a mouse with a scroll wheel.

Another feature that might be useful is the ability to load the samplers. Maybe pressing an empty sampler pad loads the selected file from the library? And say tap+sample pad unloads? I wish I was good at this scripting lark :slight_smile:

I like that and can implement! Steph, are you cool with my contributing?

I’m cool with any contribution to the mapping. Just note that on Github, version 2.2 is still pending acceptance and merge to the Mixxx code (Be, any issues on completing this?). Until this is done, contributing on top on my commits may prove a little challenging. You can prepare your changes and post the version here until the merge is done on github.

Looks like it’ll be merged :slight_smile:

I kinda like having my own mapping. I’m not DJing conventional dance music so use the more unusual features of Mixxx more. I have moved stuff around so that the things I personally use more are not shifted. I never need to move the beat grid and worked out how to replace it with loop move, although it has a small wrinkle that, while it doesn’t affect me, might trip some people up. If I get this sorted I’ll post something.

I have edited the Stephs excellent script to do more loop based stuff.

Beats Knob - loop move by X amount
Shift + Beats Knob - loop move by X amount
Pad Mode + Beats Knob - loop move by X amount
Pitch Bend buttons - loop move by X amount
(Shift + pitch bend still does beat jump)

There are variables at the start of the script in the “Configuration Options” section to set X - the loop move values. By default they are:
var LoopMoveKNOB = 0.25
var LoopMoveSHIFT = 2
var LoopMovePAD = 0.0625
var LoopMovePitchBend = 4

Touch Strip moves the loop. Swiping from the middle to the left moves it backwards, to the middle to the right moves it forwards. I wanted to swipe anywhere left for back and right for forwards but haven’t worked it out, but this works for now. I’ll probably get so used to it I won’t want to change it.
Pad Mode + Touch Strip Effect Super Knob
( Shift + Touch Strip remains search through a track’s timeline)

I have named it “Version 2.2 loopy”

It is going to get field tested next week so if all goes well and anyone’s interested I’ll post it somewhere

-Steve Hyperdriver


I was asked to do a party last minute. I strictly used Mixxx with my MTP3 and Windows 10. The latest version worked flawlessly! A big thank you to the developers and the creative minds for making this happen!
Also note that the bass in Mixxx, by default, is stronger than that software the MTP3 is bundled with.