Mixtrack Pro set-up issues

Everything is set-up, controller, audio out, headphones etc but cannot make cue start points, sync does not work (quantize is on) and sync led’s not working, any idea where I’m going wrong? thanks

What version of the Mixtrack Pro are you using and what mapping are you using?

Thanks very much for the reply - Just a ‘Numark Mixtrack Pro’ - and not sure about mapping, other controllers I have used, you just plug in and play.

I have a Mixtrack Pro, the first one, as well. I should be able to help.
What isyour operating system? (Windows,Mac, Linux)
What version of mixxx are you using?
Is this mixtrack enabled in the “Controller” section of mixxx’s settings? Not the “Audio” settings but the “Controller” settings. If so, did you select a “Preset” from the dropdown menu?
If not, stat there and let us know if that gets you up and running.
Also,please let me know If you need more help and/or don’t understand.
Here is a link to the section of the Mixxx 2.2 manual about the controller settings. See if any of this looks familiar.
Also, unless someone else has updated the mapping, the manual loop controls are broken and the effects controls are broken. If you want it, i can up load my fixed version.
GOOD LUCK! That is a great little board and it works great once you get it running!

Hi there - windows 10 - 2.2.4 - yes, enabled in controller section - preset selected but when I go back into prefs it seems to not be selected (if that makes sense) so I re - select it and it doesn’t seem to stay, I did press apply and ok. all I really am missing is not being able to cue and sync not working… just to say I never had any probs with other controllers…thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Just tried it without my mixtrack and it still won’t sync so maybe there is some problem with the controller itself?

Thank you for replying with all the specs!
Don’t worry about the preset not “staying” in the drop-down menu. That is normal, as far as i know.
It could be a hardware problem. That would be no good.
Have you tried remapping those controls with the MIDI Learning wizard? If that doesn’t work, try checked the controller with some other software; either other DJing software or a MIDI monitoring/logging software.
I’d recommend a MIDI monitor, it will let you see if the buttons are broken on not.

Yes, in Mixxx 2.2 this is normal. It’s just a display issue that is fixed with Mixxx 2.3 beta.

That is good to know, thanks for the info.

I have given up with mixxx - thanks for your help though…