Mixx 2.3 beta keyfinder

Does the 2.3 beta from mixx website include the keyfinder key detection and if so which version does it use.

I downloaded the windows 2.3 but I only see queen mary key detection in the settings

It’s currently disabled on Windows. Wevre discussing the issue here: https://mixxx.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/109171-development/topic/2.2E3.20planning.3A.20https.3A.2F.2Fgithub.2Ecom.2Fmixxxdj.2Fmixxx.2Fprojects.2F2/near/232340922

So does it work with Linux, is it enabled on Linux.


Queen mary detector is key randomizer.
It should be disabled or warning for users.

If your spreadsheet program calculates things wrong way so often it becomes useless.
Just because its nice to say mixxx has key detection. It should not be a reason keep it.

My purpose is not hurt developers feelings, because its not made by mixxx developers it should not.

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Please check the latest builds from the download page. KeyFinder should now be enabled on all OSes.

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I had issues yesterday with trying to use the one on Git which is in a sub folder of Mixxx - this didn’t work; I then used this one instead and was able to build 2.3beta on arch-linux (arm v7 processor) → GitHub - ibsh/libKeyFinder: Musical key detection for digital audio, GPL v3

How did you install GitHub - mixxxdj/libkeyfinder: Musical key detection for digital audio, GPL v3 ? Did you build it from source yourself or use an Arch package? Maybe there’s an issue with the Arch packaging?

I build it myself - but I think I got stuck with some errors during building (I don’t fully remember), while the other GIT built without problems