Mixx is not able to configure Steinberg UR22 mk II soundcard


I’m using Win10 and an external Steinberg UR22 mk II soundcard device which works properly with all kind of sound software I’m using on my computer (incl. Foobar, Audacity, WinAmp, VLC and others). Of course the device is configured by the settings of Windows itself and yes, works properly.

After starting Mixxx (also after reinstallation), the program detects the Steinberg device and tries to configure it, but always fails with a nessage indicating the device is already in use. In the settings dialog, no matter which option I use, the result stays the same.

The exact wording of the message is:
Throw RegOpenKeyEx(candidateKey) in copyEstimated Size()

I have absolutely no idea what special treatment Mixxx needs! Help is heavily appreciated! Thanks!

If you need some further info, please let me know!

What sound API are you using? Try configuring different ones.

No matter which API I try the result stays the same. MME, Windows DirectSound, ASIO, Windows WASAPI and Windows WDM-KS. None oth them works and results in the same error message.

But finally, it seems, that this has been a driver problem! I had not thought of this, as all other software worked properly. But maybe there had been a change in Windows the new driver referred to and Mixxx is obviously way more sensitive to this than all other programs.

Thanks for your effort anyway!