Mixxx 2.1 beta is here

After two years of hard work, we are pleased to announce Mixxx 2.1 beta. We have overhauled the effects system, redesigned the skins, added and improved lots of controller mappings, rewrote the audio file decoders twice, and of course fixed a bunch of bugs. Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu users can download installers here. Updated installers will be available whenever we make changes to the code until the 2.1 release, so keep checking back for new installers. Ubuntu users can also install packages from the PPA and use apt-get to stay up to date. If you want to use 2.1 beta on a GNU/Linux distribution other than Ubuntu, you can compile it from source code.

Here is a quick summary of what is new in Mixxx 2.1:

  • Graphical interface scales for high resolution screens
  • Overhauled Deere and LateNight skins
  • New Tango skin
  • Resizable waveforms
  • Effects are synchronized to the tempo
  • Effects are processed post-fader and post-crossfader and can be previewed in headphones
  • One metaknob per effect with customizable parameter control for intuitive use of effect chains
  • Nine new effects: Autopan, Biquad Equalizer, Biquad Full Kill Equalizer, Loudness Contour, Metronome, Parametric Equalizer, Phaser, Stereo Balance, Tremolo
  • Loaded effects and their parameters are saved and restored when Mixxx restarts
  • More transparent sounding equalizers (Biquad Equalizer and Biquad Full Kill Equalizer)
  • Improved scratching sounds with jog wheels, vinyl control, and dragging waveforms with the mouse
  • Simplified looping and beatjump controls
  • Configurable rows of 8 samplers with up to 8 rows available for a total of 64 samplers
  • Files loaded to samplers are reloaded when Mixxx restarts
  • Improved volume normalization algorithm (EBU-R 128)
  • Filter library table by crates
  • Sort musical keys in library table by circle of fifths
  • Write metadata tags back to audio files
  • New JavaScript library for controller mapping
  • Configure multiple Internet broadcasting stations and use multiple stations at the same time
  • Broadcast and record microphones with direct monitoring and latency compensation
  • Broadcast and record from an external mixer
  • Booth output with independent gain knob for using sound cards with 6 output channels without an external mixer
  • Prevent screensaver from starting while Mixxx is running
  • CUP (Cue And Play) cue button mode
  • Time remaining and time elapsed now take into account the tempo fader
  • Clicking cover art now shows it full size in a separate window
  • and of course, lots and lots of bug fixes.

Here are controllers with mappings that have been added or updated since the 2.0 release. Mappings marked with an asterisk (*) have been updated for the new effects interface:

We will be beta testing 2.1 for 3 months before releasing 2.1 at the end of March 2018. The beta release will be updated continuously until that time. No big new features will be added to 2.1 after this point. We will fix small bugs, continue to polish the skins, and update more controller mappings until the final 2.1 release. We will be writing the English version of the manual during January 2018 to allow two months for translating it before the release. To get you exciting new features sooner, we have decided to move to a fixed 6 month release cycle going forward, so look for Mixxx 2.2 at the end of September 2018.

For users upgrading from older versions of Mixxx, we have a few important announcements. First, if you are using Windows, you will have to uninstall any old versions of Mixxx before you can install 2.1 beta. How to uninstall Mixxx varies on different versions of Windows:

  • Windows Vista, 7, and 8: Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program
  • Windows 10: Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs And Features > look for Mixxx > Uninstall

If you are upgrading from an older version of Mixxx and have MP3 files in your library, we have another important announcement. The good news is that we fixed a bug where the waveforms and audio playback of MP3 files were misaligned. The bad news is that we have no way of knowing which MP3 files were affected or how much the offset was. That means that waveforms, beatgrids, cues, and loops from older versions of Mixxx may be offset by an unknown amount for any MP3 file. Only MP3 files were affected by this bug; other audio file types are unaffected. You can either correct your beatgrids and cue points manually for each track, or you can clear this information for all MP3s and start fresh. Regardless, we recommend clearing the waveforms for all MP3 files. To clear these, type “location:mp3” into the library search bar, press Control + A to select all tracks, right click, and select the information you want to clear from the menu.

There are a few rough edges in the beta that we are aware of and are still working on. First, Mixxx takes a long time to start up and shut down. Also, running batch analysis makes the interface unresponsive while the analysis is going. We are working to improve that, but we recommend letting your computer analyze all your tracks overnight or another time when you can leave your computer running for a long time.

In the works for Mixxx 2.2, we have a big redesign of the library GUI. Along with that will come saving & restoring search queries plus nested crates. We are also planning on adding support for saving and loading custom effect chain presets with the ability to import and export them to share online.

Want to help make Mixxx even more awesome? The biggest thing we need is more people. You do not need to be a programmer to help out. Giving feedback on the design of new features as they are being made is very valuable. Refer to the Testing page on the wiki for more information on how to get involved with that. Reporting bugs and telling us your ideas on the Launchpad bug tracker is a big help too! We cannot fix problems we do not know about, so please let us know if you find any issues with Mixxx. If you would like to help translate Mixxx into another language, refer to the Internationalization wiki page. Of course, more programmers could always help. Read the Developer Documentation on the wiki for tips on getting started contributing code to Mixxx.

We hope you have as much fun with Mixxx as we do!

Until we get the build servers set up correctly, Windows users can install builds linked at the top of the first post.

What’s the status regarding build server? The last build failed and the most recent master build will not open on macOS. Thanks to all the devs spending their time on improving mixxx. Love this software!

No one who has access to the build servers is responding and the servers are not set up to automatically build the 2.1 Git branch when changes are made to that branch.

I don’t know why the most recent master build won’t open on macOS. Could you open a bug report for that with a log attached?

great news thanks so much

The files in /builds/master/release/ are still named as Alpha releases yet /builds/2.1/release/ is an empty folder. What download directory/source is best used for the Beta testing stage?

At this point there have only been a few changes made to the 2.1 branch that are not in the master builds. We plan to merge the 2.1 branch to the master branch regularly to keep them in sync as much as possible.

Great news ! Can’t wait to test it, gonna try building it in Manjaro Linux, wish me luck !

Great news and I’m looking forward to using the new effects functionality.

Much respect to all those who worked on this; it’s a great application that I prefer to Serato and Recordbox.

Word of warning for any Ubuntu users regarding compilation with taglib 1.9 that is distributed with the current LTS version Xenial 16.04.

Although taglib 1.10 is clearly stated as a Windows dependency bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx/+bug/1532107 “tell *.deb user to download taglib 1.10 as well” I only found this detail after trying to work out why compiling failed.

I resolved this by installing Ubuntu 17.10.

It was a bit of a journey that took some time to resolve that is a known issue, so I will highlight again:

“tell *.deb user to download taglib 1.10 as well”

2.0 started to crash after some windows update. Now deinstalled. And tried 2.1. It crashes too. How come? Have a completely updated windows.

We have made some progress on the build server, but there are still some issues to troubleshoot. The first successful macOS build is available.

32 bit Windows builds are working now. We are still troubleshooting the 64 bit Windows builds and Ubuntu builds (both 32 and 64 bit). Successful builds can be downloaded here.

Ubuntu users can use the mixxxbetas PPA to automatically update to the latest version of 2.1 beta (updated nightly).

I installed Mixxx 2.1. It works pretty good, but AutoDJ doesn’t show total track time remaining.

64 bit Windows builds are working now and can be downloaded here. The links in the first post have been updated.

We would need more information to be able to tell why. Please report a bug on Launchpad with your mixxx.log file and a backtrace.

Great job, thanks a lot.
I love the new Tango Skin.

I’m using 2.1.0-beta1 (build 2.1 r6470) but it seems that build of 6480 for Ubuntu Xenial is not available. I can see:
PPA statistics
24 updates added during the past month.
Currently 0 packages building and 15 packages waiting to build.

It takes some time for the build servers to compile each build, so they do not show up instantly.

Thanks for the update of the Download page. I could install last build.

Just curious, but in regards to one of my posts I mentioned that in Mixxx 2.0.0 only the 2 main decks are mapped with a keyboard while the other 2 are not. If Mixxx 2.1.0 will have 4 decks (or more which would be cool) Will they be keyboard mapped by default as well?

(Post I’m refering to is here)