Mixxx 2.2 released

Great work on 2.2.2! I’ve tested it a bit today, however the quoted problem still doesn’t seem to be fixed. If I select a song in the library, the playlists/crates that it is in are not shown in bold. I’ll have to downgrade to 2.1.8 again :confused:

All crates that contain all of the selected tracks should be highlighted. I agree that highlighting all creates that contain at least one of the selected tracks might be even more appropriate. Did this behavior change from 2.1 to 2.2?? But for a single, selected track this shouldn’t matter. Otherwise we have an issue on macOS.

But I don’t remember that we ever had such feature for playlists? History = playlists, i.e. no highlighting.

I can’t remember what version of Mixxx is currently on my main laptop but I know that for definite on that version, songs are highlights in playlists and history as well as crates. I don’t know if this has changed in a later version - I’ll check next time I’m by my laptop what version I’m running.

Oh, indeed, the code is still in place! But somehow inactive. I will report back what’s going on here.

On Fedora I get the highlighting for playlists, I simply didn’t use it:
Screenshot from 2019-08-16 21-36-20.png
What’s wrong with macOS then? Does the highlighting not work neither for crates nor for playlists? Then please file a bug, this is odd!

Unfortunately I’m not able to verify or fix it. Apple does not provide any support for cross-platform development.

First fix for 2.2.3 to get rid of some inconsistencies that confused me (see above) when selecting multiple tracks at once:


Highlighting of crates and playlists is only supported for single selected tracks.

my ubuntu upgaded to 2.2.2 and mixxx hangs at the loading screen. Only rebooting can kill the process. I’ll downgrade for now

Hi, thanks for the new version. I’d like to upgrade to 2.2.2 from 2.2.1 is there any way without uninstalling the old version and installing the new one (on windows)? how do I save crates/playlists?

Hello yann360.

The installer uninstalls the previous version and installs the new one. The settings and library are kept, because they are on a different folder (user folder), so you don’t need to worry about your crates and playlists, because they will be there after the re-installation.

Release (candidate) packages for 2.2.3 are available:


Please test and report any issues.

Is there a changelog for 2.2.3 I can view somewhere?


==== 2.2.3 2019-11-24 ====

  • Don’t make users reconfigure sound hardware when it has not changed #2253
  • Fix MusicBrainz metadata lookup lp:1848887 #2328
  • Fix high DPI scaling of cover art #2247
  • Fix high DPI scaling of cue point labels on scrolling waveforms #2331
  • Fix high DPI scaling of sliders in Tango skin #2318
  • Fix sound dropping out during recording lp:1842679 #2265 #2305 #2308 #2309
  • Fix rare crash on application shutdown #2293
  • Workaround various rare bugs caused by database inconsistencies lp:1846971 #2321
  • Improve handling of corrupt FLAC files #2315
  • Don’t immediately jump to loop start when loop_out is pressed in quantized mode lp:1837077 #2269
  • Preserve order of tracks when dragging and dropping from AutoDJ to playlist lp:1829601 #2237
  • Explicitly use X11 Qt platform plugin instead of Wayland in .desktop launcher lp:1850729 #2340
  • Pioneer DDJ-SX: fix delayed sending of MIDI messages with low audio buffer sizes #2326
  • Enable modplug support on Linux by default lp:1840537 #2244 #2272
  • Fix keyboard shortcut for View > Skin Preferences lp:1851993 #2358 #2372
  • Reloop Terminal Mix: Fix mapping of sampler buttons 5-8 lp:1846966 #2330

nicely done. Thank you!

Mixxx 2.2.3 has been released (change log is above). Download it here.

Thank you for your hard work mixxx dev team.

I read from launchpad, next release (2.2.3) will be grid offset fix.
But cant see it.

Can you post the link?
What exactly is you offset issue?

Did Mixxx 2.2.4 get released?

My package manager for KDE neon updated my stable version of Mixxx from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4 but there hasn’t been any information regarding what’s new in this update or if it’s out officially.

We published it to the Ubuntu PPA but haven’t announced it yet because the Windows build server is down.

Ah I see, hopefully that gets fixed soon since my main Mixxxing machine runs Windows

Mixxx 2.2.4 has been released, download it. Here is the changelog:

  • Store default recording format after “Restore Defaults” lp:1857806 #2414
  • Prevent infinite loop when decoding corrupt MP3 files #2417
  • Add workaround for broken libshout versions #2040 #2438
  • Speed up purging of tracks lp:1845837 #2393
  • Prevent infinite loop when decoding corrupt MP3 files #2417
  • Store default recording format after “Restore Defaults” lp:1857806 #2414
  • Don’t stop playback if vinyl passthrough input is configured and PASS button is pressed #2474
  • Fix debug assertion for invalid crate names lp:1861431 #2477
  • Fix crashes when executing actions on tracks that already disappeared from the DB #2527
  • AutoDJ: Skip next track when both deck are playing lp:1399974 #2531
  • Tweak scratch parameters for Mixtrack Platinum #2028
  • Fix auto tempo going to infinity on Pioneer DDJ-SB2 #2559
  • Fix bpm.tapButton logic and reject missed & double taps #2594
  • Add controller mapping for Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 #2348
  • Add controller mapping for Soundless joyMIDI #2425
  • Add controller mapping for Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300 #2465
  • Add controller mapping for Denon MC7000 #2546
  • Add controller mapping for Stanton DJC.4 #2607
  • Fix broadcasting via broadcast/recording input lp:1876222 #2743
  • Only apply ducking gain in manual ducking mode when talkover is enabed lp:1394968 lp:1737113 lp:1662536 #2759