Mixxx 2.3.0 Beta: differences between hotcue?

I suspect I just found a bug
if I set a hotcue with “[ChannelN] hotcue_X_enabled” (Clicking on a numbered button), I can jump to it and the colors work as they should.
If I set the hotcue via script with “[ChannelN] hotcue_X_position” this is shown in the waveform but I can neither change the color nor jump to this point with a numbered button.

[ChannelN],hotcue_X_position is meant to read a hotcue position or shift a hotcue. We should clarify that in the documentation I guess.

For now, to initially set a hotcue use [ChannelN],hotcue_X_activate

so the bug is probably that the new hotcue is visible on the waveform in the first place, isn’t it?
any opinions, @daschuer @hlzhs ?

Sounds like a bug, yes. That CO should either be read only, reject the change if the enabled CO is 0, or work as expected to set a hotcue at arbitrary positions.

can anyone translate that into German for me, I think we’re talking past each other and GoogleTranslate is not very helpful at the moment

kann das irgendwer mal für mich in deutsch übersetzen, ich glaube wir reden aneinander vorbei und GoogleTranslate ist gerade wenig hilfreich

[ChannelN],hotcue_X_position ist nicht dazu gedacht Hotcues zu setzen, nur um die Position auszulesen oder sie zu verschieben.

um Hotcues neu zu setzen, nimm [ChannelN],hotcue_X_activate

The bug is probably different from what I thought.
so first to set the hotcue [ [ChannelN],hotcue_X_activate ] or [ [ChannelN],hotcue_X_set ] and then [ChannelN] hotcue_X_position] to move him.
Is this the right way?

Der Bug ist wohl anders wie ich dachte.
also zuerst um den hotcue zu setzen [ [ChannelN],hotcue_X_activate ] oder [ [ChannelN],hotcue_X_set ] und dann [ChannelN] hotcue_X_position ] um ihn zu verschieben.
Ist das der richtige Weg?

yes, that’s then way it should work.
what are you trying to do anyway?

i automatically set Hotcue as a marker at the beginning and at the end of the track every 30 seconds.

every 30s throughout the track, or as intro/outro markers?
what’s the purpose?

@ronso it is useful for me when mixing, but see
a track under 4 minutes
a track between 4 and 8 minutes
and a track over 8 minutes

How do i give this command a color code?
RGB is written like 0, 0, 255 but that doesn’t work here !

(group, “hotcue_1_color”, 0, 0, 255 );

All controls have a single numeric value. As described in the manual, it’s a 3-byte RGB color code. You could use hexadecimal notation: 0x0000FF

@AndieY Have you considered using the intro/outro marks instead of wasting hotcues?

@ronso Sure, I’ve looked at the intro / outro marks, I’m sorry it’s not mine. Maybe still to come.
Sicher habe ich mir die intro/outro marks angeschaut, tut mir leid ist nicht meins. Kommt vielleicht noch.

@hlzhs it only colors the numbered buttons, not the marker in the waveform. Should that be so?