Mixxx 2.3.0 (Stable build) crash on Windows x64 10 21H1

Hi, I’m having trouble while opening Mixxx after setting up music library (first install)
My PC seems to freeze upon opening Mixxx and had to hard reset my computer to get it back on.
Attached log shows no useful info on why i’m getting this

I’m using an Creative X-Fi Titanium (PCIe, so can’t easily take it off) with latest drivers from Creative (official ones) at 44.8 kHz 24-bits (default settings)
mixxx.log (15.9 KB)

Please let me know if I can give you some more info

So far I’ve tested on mixxx-2.4-alpha-5703-ga53279f142-win64 and 2.3.0

It is worth mentioning that I’ve used Mixxx on this very machine not too long ago. This is a new fresh Windows install
Thanks in advance!

Nvm I figured it out!

It was a faulty driver!! damn creative

Mixxx defaults to initialize the ASIO driver in 44.1 kHz (which is buggy in this driver) so it will freeze my PC anyways

I solved by editing samplerate=“44100” to samplerate=“48000” in soundconfig.xml in %localappdata%/Mixxx

Happy djing to all