Mixxx 2.3 beta released

We are proud to announce the release of Mixxx 2.3 beta, download it! This release brings hotcue colors & labels, Serato metadata import, Rekordbox metadata import, intro & outro cues, a revamped LateNight skin, multithreaded analysis, deck cloning, and more.

Please test it, report bugs, help translate, and contribute controller mappings. If you want help make Mixxx even more awesome, introduce yourself on our Zulip chat and read the developer documentation.

Check the release announcement for a full changelog.

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Colour coded hotcues with inline text is pretty nice. Simplified my workflow for sure. Found (and logged) a couple bugs initially, but was able to thrown down an hour long recorded set without significant issues.

In Windows 10, noticed 2.3 Beta doesn’t keep UI changes between sessions. View options, skin toggles and knobs/controls are all back to default. Mixxx Preferences (Hardware, Broadcast Settings, etc.) are all kept however.

The Manual Ducking doesn’t seem to do anything anymore, but I remember one of the developers state that they wanted to remove that feature in favor of Auto or Off only, so I’ll let that go. Otherwise, love the new skin changes and UX improvements.

btw, I am checking here
for the latest 2.3. releases, but there´s no newer Windows version than #7443 with date 2020-06-10,
the current Linux version is #7492 from today 2020-07-12 .
Is there another source for windows beta releases ?

Yeah, the Windows build server has been down for a while. We’re working on moving from our own build server to AppVeyor’s hosted service so we don’t have to keep troubleshooting our servers.

uninventive: Could you try closing mixxx from “File->Exit” instead of closing the window with other means? It was found recently that there’s a problem closing the database. Your case might be related.

As for manual ducking, Ensure that you have the duck knob set correctly. Maybe you have it not ducking anything.

Will give that a try.

Ducking knob not ducking anything: In the past Ducking turned down all volumes other than the Mic. Did this change?

What ducking mode are you using?

Manual Mode. I use a MIDI DJ Table to map the ducking knob to turn in the real-world instead of using auto.

The behavior of the different modes was changed recently so the knob changes the volume in the same direction in every mode.

Since I don’t have any gigs lined up right now (thanks covid!) I have upgraded my DJ laptop to use Mixxx 2.3 beta and Xubuntu 20.04 - so far it has been running very well for me, no crashes, thanks everyone!!


Sorry for asking again, but what happened to the Windows Version of Mixxx 2.3 beta ? I am really looking forward for testing new features.

The Windows build server is down. We are working on moving official builds to AppVeyor instead of our own build server which keeps going down. AppVeyor builds are already uploaded to http://downloads.mixxx.org/builds/appveyor/cmake_build/ but they are currently unsigned (Windows will warn about it being from an unknown publisher).

AppVeyor build should be signed now, but we haven’t setup https://mixxx.org/download/ to automatically link to the latest build. You can find the latest builds on the downloads server though.

For the non professional “normal” user it is not exacty super-clear what to do and how-to install the windows version, sorry.
I find there the following files:

So, I have no idea what to do and I am very shure I am not the only one.
Please give us dummies a little hint.
I just don´t want to blow my very good and stable running installation

Our official download page always links to the latest version(s).

Unfortunately the latest Windows 2.3.0 beta build is from 2020-06-10. We are in need of developers on Windows to help us fix the WiX installer.

I am sorry to say that, but the official download page does not link to the latest Windows Version, there is still a link to the build 7443 with date 2020-06-10 .
The Link from @Be0 to the cmake folder
Folder Link leads to the page where I find what I described above.
I tested these files now on a second system
When I install the latest
I get a Mixxx Version with this Info
2.3.0 - beta (build unknown - runknown)

With this one
I get Mixxx 2.4 - alpha

Mixxxx.exe and Mixxx-test.exe seem to be test files for developers.

Maybe these Informations help other windows users who are willing to test the 2.3 beta.

Furthermore I found some strange visual effects when using the QT command
to change the scaling of the skin.
I will describe that in a new thread in the next days

The Windows version is still stuck at build 7443, while the Linux version is at 7616.

IMHO, OF EVEN MORE IMPORTANCE, the newer builds include the really good looking Latenight PaleMoon skin.

Does it really require almost THREE months to resolve this??

@ abseits I tested mixxx.exe from the nigthly build.
After installing the 2.3.x version (following the link from mixxx.org is enough), you just then have to replace the existing mixxx.exe by the one picked on the nightly build.
It shows 2.4 alpha but seems to work well except the left dek display bug :slight_smile:

this procedure sounds problematic to me.
If you just replace the mixxx.exe you will not get any changes in the periphery, the skins for example.
What I want is to test the latest 2.3 version,
the 2.4 is too far in the future for me.
Furthermore I think it can be problematic to mix up 2.3 and 2.4 installations.
I check periodically the cmake_build download page and run the latest
these installations are running on my testing system quite stable.

Now I am really looking forward for the final release of 2.3 in the near future.