Mixxx 2.3 Crashes When Loading Rekordbox USB

Hey guys, newbie to the platform here super excited to use the Mixxx program. Been dj’ing for over 10 years switching from Virtual DJ to Traktor to Serato (and now) hopefully Mixxx.

I downloaded Mixxx 2.3.1 and I have a USB synced with Rekordbox. The USB thumb drive shows in my finder and in Rekordbox with my playlists and everything - it seems all set. Mixxx will detect it and the name of it, but when I click in it, the program crashes. I can’t see anything like playlists or anything like that in Mixxx - just shows the name of the USB drive then when I click in it crashes.

I am running MacOS Big Sur 11.6 and will be using an old DDJ SX that I have. Any ideas? Thanks for all you guys do.

Sorry, this is unfortunate.

To be able to resolve this issue we need two things from you: