Mixxx and the death of the physical download

The demise of the physical download is upon us, Amazon has dramatically cut there physical offering, and I believe other DJ applications may have pre-empted this , by allowing streamed tracks to be imported into their applications [correct me if I am wrong] , will the next release [Beta or otherwise] of Mixxx, be able to carry this functionality. ??
Many thanks in advance

Unfortunately, no.

There are still plenty of sources of digital music without DRM. I don’t anticipate that changing ever even if the mainstream ones all have DRM.

The Tango skin does the same. I start playing in number 3 bottom left. Then into number 1 top left. Then add a track to replace number 3 and it immediately goes in to track 1position and plays it at the same place number 1 is playing. Sound doubled. Although because 3 is my intro track the fader is down . The old skins didn’t do that

Currently the Serato DJ program enables you to access music from Beatsource LINK, Beatport LINK, SoundCloud, and TIDAL.

As far as I understand how things go in the gigging electronic dance music dj world, rekordbox formatted file filled usb sticks are still standard.

High speed internet is not a given everywhere, and I would be wary to depend on internet companies for access to music.

other dj markets might vary

It’s let me back on the days we are talking about the neutrality of the net. One of the worse things was happens to the music listners was the concentration of the power of the record industries, after, as a book says, the music become “free”.
All the scenarios that comes after was the same shit, few big companies that decide what music can be distribuited and also how much value, and reduced it just as a commodity.
So, now they decide what, and probably, when the dj’s can play. Serious, is really what we need?

I dont agree with that, as I download from amazon every set for requests. I choose to buy my tunes since the copyright folks say they don’t want to give me plan cause the money would be miniscule (BMI and the like). At least by purchasing i cover myself to a point on copyright and give the artists some money. I find my music on spotify then purchase from amazon and i find they have 99% of what i need. No sure how a free piece would work as artists and music companies arent doing their work for free, so there has to be an income stream for them. However, i had found how u can hook up a streaming service to MIXXX by attaching to the default speakers as input, but djng from that is problematic. I know a lot of online djs just record from the streaming services and drop those into playlists, and there are converter programs for youtube and spotify to make them a physical mp3 file. But that gives the artists nothing. Just my .02 worth :slight_smile:

the artists generally receive very little from recording, anyway. Touring used to be to promote music to buy, and now music is released to promote shows.

One major reason not to record streams to play back later is the sound quality of streamed audio is generally terrible

shit I just switched from Vinyl to physical download.
Now this.
Bandcamp is great btw…

But then we are also part of the whole music problem
Buying music as opppaed to streaming is what musicians and artists need, it’s their job
Especially those ones like me who are not established artists