Mixxx as automatic broadcasting source


I run the latest Mixxx, 2.2.4, on Windows 10 64 bit.

I wish to run Mixxx as a radio station inside my home, as automatic as possible.

I have on the same PC a Shoutcast server that work fine and I can make the broadcast work great when I operate Mixxx in a manual mode. The shoutcast server runs as a windows service so it is ready to accept incoming stream from Mixxx as Windows starts.

To automate this configuration - so when my PC start, even if no user is logged in, or any user is logged in - the broadcast will work.

For this I wish that:

  1. Mixxx will run as a Windows service - How can I do this without any 3rd party software?
  2. How can I enable Mixxx auto-broadcasting on Mixxx startup?
  3. How can I enable Mixxx auto-dj on Mixxx startup?


I don’t think that Mixxx is the right tool for that. Something like MPD would be more appropriate.

Thanks, I looked at it and it is very *nix oriented and quite raw in configuration and I look towards something that is more Windows and easy oriented.
Mixxx is doing a great job, I just need to automate it, so is there a way to do what I asked for?
Let’s assume that for the service part I can do it with a 3rd party tool, but what about topics #2 and #3?