Mixxx AutoDJ stopped repeating playlist


I am using Mixxx for my radio ( http://radio.BRUT.me ) it was working well with 2.2.4, but then I upgraded to 2.3.0 I have a problem, No matter what I do, the playlist wont be repeated and it stops on the end. Does something change or what do I wrong when it worked without any problems on the previous version.

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Well, what do you do? Actually yo only need to enable the Repeat Playlist switch at the right. Then tracks are re-queued when being loaded to a deck.

I have it right that, it worked without problems on 2.2.4 but after the update it stops on the last one, even when it is checked like your screenshot, so nothing changed in the 2.3.0 version in this area?

I just tested it with 2.3.1 and works for me.

Please post a screenshot of Preferences > AutoDJ.

Hello friend, sorry for a late reply, I updated the installation to v 2.3.1 and it seems it is working again without any problems, my preferences of AutoDJ were default, I just now clicked Enable random track addition to queue, do i understand it good, that it will choose a random track from the autodj playlist and add it to the queue? so kind of randomizing the autodj playlist on thy fly?

and thank You very much for all your work and efford :+1: