Mixxx Automation Question

I am trying to automate some items within the Mixxx application. I have listed below what I am using…
- Ubuntu 20.04
- Mixxx 2.0.0

Right now I have it where the library will auto scan the folder the music files are contained in. When a song is added I just press ALT + L then press ENTER. The newest song(s) appear. I want to try and achieve where after the scan picks up the new music, how can I place it in the AutoDJ playlist automatically?

Now, options - preferences I see the following options–
- Load track to next available deck
- Add track to Auto-DJ Queue (Bottom)
- Add track to Auto-DJ Queue (Top)

Now I am trying to understand what this is telling me… does this mean that something has to happen to have the song auto load to the AutoDJ queue? When a file is added to the library and discovered do I just add it to the deck and the autoDJ goes from there? What would be nice is if there is a way to auto play the music once its in the library.

Right now, (( I could be wrong )) but right now it just seems that the library can scan and show you a song is there but there is no way to auto play that song once its added to the system.

My Goal:
1.) The library scan auto scans the folder itself every so often without resetting the application or doing it manually

2.) Once the song is added from the library, it que’s itself up so auto DJ can take over and play

Basically its pretty automated, and all your doing is adding songs to the folder, Mixxx takes care of the rest. I will also say I am fairly NEW to Mixxx and still learning it a bit. If there is a process that can be relevant to my explanation that would be awesome!!

I look forward to the feedback and thanks for taking the time to help me out and see what my
options are.

Update : I noticed there is a newer version of Mixxx for 20.04. I moved forward updating to version 2.3.0 x64 beta. This installed when I did a sudo upgrade to the system. The new version has a button to do what needs to be done. Would there be a shortcut key for this?

certainly [AutoDJ],add_random would complete the AutoDJ controls.
adding a keyboard shortcut is easy, too, but which one? as you can see in the mapping sheet (Help menu > Keyboard Shortcuts), the rightmost Fn keys + Shift are already occupied with AutoDJ.
Alt+Shift+F10 would suit, but I’m not sure if that would be handy as with some system configs you’d need to press the Fn modifier + Shift + Alt

What do you think?

btw I filed a respective bug Bug #1923043 “AutoDJ: add “add_random” control and keybord short...” : Bugs : Mixxx

The good thing is, its just a simple function really. Right now I see the following keys being used…

Scanning Library is GOOD!

Then I just need this to add to the autoDJ list is

Am I correct?

I can edit the US EN Keyboard Config file as follows, but making sure its correct
shuffle_playlist Shift+F9
skip_next Shift+F10
fade_now Shift+F11
enabled Shift+F12
add_random Alt+Shift+F10

crossfader_up h
crossfader_down g
crossfader_up_small Shift+h
crossfader_down_small Shift+g

talkover `

LoadSelectedTrackAndPlay Alt+Return
start_stop Return
back Alt+Left
fwd Alt+Right

nope, add_random doesn’t exist, yet.
you’d need to create the control object first in c++ before you can map a controller or keyboard to it.
look how it’s done for shuffle_playlist and the other controls:

this is an easy starter bug to work on.
if you somehow understand c++ and want to learn how to use it with Qt, go ahead : )

Yeh, I do not have Visual Studio installed to look at the source code and then compile it. I get what your saying though. Once compiled then another install / update will need to take place to apply the new updated changes. Correct?

By the way, I want to express my appreciation and thanks for your time and advice in helping me with this function.

AFAICT VisualStudio is a Windows app, isn’t it?
on linux you’d use something like Eclipse or KDevelop, see the wiki Developer Tools · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub

this is the usual way:
1 pick a bug
2 fix it
3 open a PR

2 & 3 mostly overlap as changes are rarely merged undiscussed :wink:

I guess I can install Eclipse IDE on the system then pull it from GIT … I suppose

I see where you filed the bug - Bug #1923043 “AutoDJ: add “add_random” control and keybord short...” : Bugs : Mixxx – I feel more confident leaving it up to you all if that is okay. Like you said this does not look like a difficult addition. How would I know the change has taken effect? once its taken effect do I just run another update to the Mixxx app from Ubuntu?

you could sign to launchpad/mixxx and try to adjust your notifications so that you only get updates on bugs you manually subscribed to. Then you’ll know when the bug has been fixed and you can find out if it’s part of an official stable release or some alpha/beta pre-release.

Ubuntu repositories usually get updated very late.
Also, you already have 2.3beta so I guess you added the mixxx-betas ppa to you package configuration?

That is correct captain :slight_smile: – nice observation

Registered to receive notification on this bug

btw you can also adjust AutoDJ to automatically add new tracks when it’s about to run out of tracks.
Preferences > AutoDj

Does it automatically pull from the library? – Right now its just repeating the tracks to keep sound going.

Guessing this is what your talking about →

I am trying to find where to turn off the autoDJ repeat if that needs to be turned off or not. Thank you for the tip, now I am just trying to find where to set it up and how to set it up. I can automate the keys for it to autoscan the library and get a song to appear. Its just the adding the new track the library finds and getting it over to the autoDJ list. Basically what your saying is I can just automate the library scan, then as long as the settings are right ( which I may need help on ) the track can be auto - added to the autodj list when the autodj tracks get low? This would be very helpful. Just need to make sure I got it setup correctly.

I do apologize for a few post, for testing this, do I just remove all the tracks that are in the DJ list? or just leave maybe 2 in there? and see if it will add more? Just working on getting it setup for testing is all.

ok, sorry, seems I missed the part about auto-scan and auto-add to AutoDJ

And your entire Auto scenario is to not touch Mixxx at, ONLY copy tracks into some folder and Mixxx should do the rest? Is it like a “bring your tracks” party where folksplug in their USB drives, copy tracks over to your disk, then unplug USB?

AutoDJ needs at least one crate marked as “AutoDj track Source” for being able to auto-add tracks from there. So currently there is no way to assign a hdd folder as AutoDJ track source, or link a crate to a certain folder, in order to automatically populate the AutoDJ playlist with newly added tracks.

However, you can map [Library],AutoDjAddBottom on your keyboard to skip the right-click part.

Btw, on linux there’s xdotool which can emulate all sorts of key presses, and you can create system hotkeys bound to a bash script with xdotool commands. that would allow you to automate the entire process of rescan, select new tracks, add them to AutoDJ (as long as you stay in the Tracks view and -before the rescan- have the topmost (newest) track selected.

actually the Pref page is clear, isn’t it?
Just tick the “Add tracks …” checkbox.
If there are less than N tracks in the playlist new tracks will get added.