Mixxx Crashes Randomly... or Maybe Not Randomly

I upgraded to a new laptop (Dell G3) and planned to use it for Mixxx. However, I have had random issues with Mixxx crashing after playing a few songs. It skips, then completely crashes. I am using a Pioneer DDJ-SB2 (midi control) and on the old laptop had no issues. I replaced the USB cable and tried changing Mixxx versions including moving up to the beta (as I saw some people found this worked) but haven’t been able to stop the problem. I’m not good reading the log and hope someone who knows more than I do can spot the issue. I seem to remember someone saying that sample rates between mp3 tracks can be an issue. I’m not sure. If you see something or have any ideas, please let me know! I appreciate the help. Thank youmixxx.log|attachment (79.7 KB)mixxx.log (79.7 KB)

And another log upload… not sure if this is the same or not…mixxx.log.1 (79.6 KB)

Different sample rates should not make Mixxx crash.

Please try to create a crash backtrace following this tutorial.

Thank you - I’ll get that together.

FYI, this might be due to the USB cable / port. I also have a DDJ SB2 and an HP 840 G2 with Ubuntu, and eventually I found one port + cable combination which didn’t lead to this problem. No idea why, I’m just grateful it works now.

I’m going to try that! I am also again switching to another USB cable. If it crashes again, I’ll go through the backtrace to see if I can figure out what is happening.