Mixxx dj deixou de funcionar trava e lento demais ao analisar biblioteca

Uso win 10 64 com 10gb de memoria e um processador potente amd fx 8320 ou seja hardware ok, ate por que funcionava perfeitamente ha 15 dias aconteceu que precisei restaurar e ele foi retirado reintalei e nao funciona mais. ha ja instalei as novas e voltei 2.2 e nao resolveu alguem pode ajudar???

that definitely sounds wrong. I have a 15GB song library and it takes maybe 5 to 10min max to do a rescan on a tiny mini-PC (on 2.3beta)

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Yes, I really think it’s wrong but there’s nothing to do I have a library of about 1 gb hd external, and it spends hours analyzing it until the program finally crashes

If it is only 1GB… Did you test and copy to local drive to analyze? If that’s working then I assume you have got a network / USB issue. If a local folder analyzes long time too, then you would dig deeper into mixxx or your hardware.