MIXXX interrupting an interview

I have to admit, that I love using MIXXX, but I was doing a live broadcast tonight and half way through the interview, MIXXX kicked in with music. I hadn’t set a music break, I was still talking to my interviewee. I nearly died…OK, slight exaggeration, but you get my drift. After 2 minutes, it went off again, and I continued the interview. My listeners were slightly baffled and I was slightly embarrassed. Does anyone know why this happened? It has NEVER happened before and I really dont want it to happen again.
Many thanks
Mary x

There is no reason for Mixxx to start music by itself, so it must have received an instruction to begin playing. Do you have a controller connected that might have fired a signal off? Were you pressing keys on a keyboard that may have been intercepted by Mixxx as keyboard shortcuts?

Thanks for your response. No, I did not have the keyboard anywhere near me and have no idea where an instruction could have come from to play music. As I said, it has NEVER happened before, there have never been problems of this sort. I’m baffled as to why it happened. Tonight is the first time, and hopefully the last, it has happened.

I literally cannot fathom any way this could happen.

Can you talk us a little more through your setup? Did you have a track loaded and ready to go, or were the decks empty? After the first interruption, did you stop the track or just fade it down?

Do you have any MIDI controllers connected? I trust that Auto DJ was not on?

Were you clicking on anything at all at the time or interacting with anything on the screen, that Mixxx could have accidentally intercepted? Do you have anything such as vinyl control connected that could have sent an input signal?

There were no tracks on the decks. I was not clicking on anything I was interviewing my guest. I use an external mixer which I was not touching. I was literally just talking into my mic and my guest was talking into theirs. No one was touching or clicking anything. It has never happened before. I can’t offer anything other than we were talking into Mics.

Mary Heywood

The only way that this would be possible if you enabled an AUX input (or set up Vinyl Passthrough for one of the decks), didn’t mute it in Mixxx and the external device connected to that input port suddenly started playing.

Other than that, I don’t see how it’s possible that Mixxx is the cause. How did you identify Mixxx as the culprit and not some media player in the background (either on your side or on the guest’s side)?

I don’t know what a vinyl pass through is. There was no external culprit in a room that is empty except for the guest and myself using the mics to talk. It’s clearly a anomaly, I’ll hope it doesn’t happen again.


Sorry to labour the point, but with Mixxx having empty decks, no auxiliary inputs, and with absolutely no buttons being pressed whatsoever, it seems next to impossible for Mixxx to have started playing music at random.

To echo hlzhs’s question - can you confirm how you knew for certain that it was Mixxx that was responsible for the playing of music?


I am going to throw in a wild card and say that the reason the music kicked in was because the ducking switch was off. If you tell me that could not be the reason, then I’m going to cry, because it happened again tonight. So please tell me that my assumption is correct. For the record, I reinstalled Mixxx too. I don’t make threats about crying lightly!!!

Mary Heywood

There is no way that Mixxx plays music if

  • decks were empty
  • no Auxiliary attached
  • AutoDJ not engaged

If all that is true the Ducking switch is irrelevant.

what did you see on the screen? was there at least one deck suddenly loaded AND playing?
and even more interesting: what was playing?

maybe it was your attached phone (live callers…) ? -_o
if it was Mixxx then its internal VU meters in the mixer section would show levels > 0

No attached phone. It’s a mystery.

Mary Heywood

I have written to my server provider to see if they can shed any light.

Mary Heywood

I’m not sure if you’re deliberately or accidentally evading the questions, but please can you confirm exactly how you have ascertained that it was Mixxx - and nothing else - that was responsible for the music playing? Without a direct answer to that question, which has now been asked three or four times by different people, it is impossible to help any further and we may as well close this thread.

Anyone who knows me, would know that I do not evade questions. At my time in life, seriously, what’s the point? I have not ascertained that it was MIXXX that was causing the issue, and in my last mail, I did say I was going to ask my server provider if they could provide an answer. They have provided the answer of a poor internet connection, however this is incorrect, as we have an excellent internet connection and I have sent them a picture of said connection. I think I told my husband last night, that thinking about it, it probably wasn’t MIXXX that was sending the music through, purely because I do not play music on MIXXX, I just use it to broadcast interviews etc. The music does in fact come from the server provider where my music is uploaded. MIXXX is used to stream the interviews that I do. I also have a separate mixer, mic’s etc. I would suggest the thread is closed, because I am willing to concede that MIXXX is not at issue.

Its actually quite simple. It wasn’t mixxx that played the music. It was your streaming service. This happens to my station all the time, because half my DJs have crappy internet connectivity. Under your live broadcasting settings there are error recovery settings. These govern what happens when a connection issue is detected on YOUR side of the stream. On the SERVER side, they also have code that deals with connection issues from the DJ. All streaming services I know of have a fallback strategy, which is to revert to the automated station playlist (or scheduled programming) when a live connection fails. But, like I said, your side will retry. In fact, mixxx does an excellent job of recovering. Depending on which version of which skin you’re using, you might not know that its happening. This gets to your last note - about how good your connection is. For most of us, an audio stream is a TINY amount of data to keep your “signal” going - BUT… it has to be steady for audio to work and sound right. I believe your analysis is correct, it was the connection, not mixxx. But you may want to look at those settings, and consider that the real problem might have been on either end of the connection, your provider or your streaming service’s provider. Contat me if you have questions.

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Thank you for this response. I have tested the connections as requested by my provider, my current area, Manchester and finally Lille in France. All were high. They have asked me today if there is a firewall/other software causing the problem. I use two computers and haven’t changed anything on either of them. the issue started quite recently during an interview, so I actually cannot offer any other info. than that I have already given to them. I have had a look at my connections to try to find the recovery connection, but cannot locate it. could it be, that if the server I am streaming from suddenly becomes unstable, this would affect it?

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Server instability is possible indeed. Maybe the speed of the Internet connection itself is jumping.


The reconnection logic is controlled by the settings under Options->Preferences->Live Broadcasting - look under “Automatic reconnect”. I’ve only reduced the maximum retries, I think from 10 to 5. Usually if my broadband connection is failing and doesn’t recover within 5-10 seconds, its not going to recover for a while.

Also, if you use the LateNight skin, they’ve added color-coding on the “BROADCAST” button at the bottom of the screen, and the colors are clues as to what’s happening. Green means connected, black means disconnected, yellow (I think) means its trying to recover.

Again, I want to point out that your internet upload speeds (download doesn’t matter for broadcasting) are NOT a good measure. Typically the speed tests run over many seconds, and give you an average bitrate going UP to the server. It only takes a small amount of missed data to cause a connection issue, and that sort of “gap” might not effect an overall speed measurement at all. Your provider would have no way of seeing that.

Thanks for this. I’ll have another look after work and let you know later this evening. Even more annoying is the fact I recorded an interview and the music still cut in before the end. My server company asked if I could change the streamer, but if it’s coming from their end, I fail to see how that could help.

Mary Heywood

That’s for sure. Also, data packets can be lost due to problems with the router. Maybe at the time of checking the speed, everything is visually normal, but in fact there is a loss of data, which is not noticed by the services of the test of the speed of the Internet connection.

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