Mixxx is better than ever congrats to the progrmmers

I must tell everyone that mixxx is now much better than ever.
Although for some reason I had to change the skin to one I used in “2.2.4” because the default skin makes my PC processor run fast. So I downgraded a skin. Now works fine.
The auto Dj works really well, it might even put me out of work as it mix’s really well.
Thanks for the great software.
Keep up the good work.


what are your PC specs and which skin is too demanding?

my pc is 12 years old Packard bell extreme.
It suppposed to be a windows 7 but I upgraded to windows 10 in 2016.
the skin is the new default skin.

please provide some more details so we can gain something from your report.
which skin do you use now?
default is LateNight, did you have spinnies enabled?

Hi Yeah that’s the one.
No I don’t like to have the spinnies on.
I Use “Later At Night” From 2.2.4
This one seems to be compatible with my processor. Don’t know what it is. I think with the age of the PC, it struggles with too much graphics at any one time.

Not an official skin of 2.2.4, and I guess not up-to-date in terms of controls – but if it works for you: fine!

Ok I didn’t realize it’s not an official skin of 2.2.4 but it works quite well in both 224 & 230.
Thank you for trying anyway.
All the features I need do actually work. There’s no fault with that.
Mixxx 2.3.0 is the best incarnation and the skin I use works for me.
If I ever upgrade my PC, I will be able to use the official skin for 230.
When windows 10 becomes obsolete in 2025 I will have to upgrade anyway.
Thank You Again.