Mixxx is fantastic

Hi All,

Been using Mixxx for a few days now and I just wanted to say thank you to all developers who have been active on this application. Thank you soo much and keep up the great work.!!

Blues Lover


Absolutely agree! I am a long time Serato user and I prefer MIXXX.



Thanks folks!

to make Mixxx even better any help is appreciated Mixxx - Get Involved
Help translating MIxxx or test current pull request (especially Win and mac) to verify bugs got fixed and new features work, and share your feedback.

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The best way to thank us is to help us as @ronso said!

…the second best way would be donations.That would, for example, help us finace our past Outreachy intern and similar projects, or maybe enable us to hire a macOS developer to help us fix annoying macOS bugs that are driving us to despair every now and then…

Donation done :slight_smile:

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