Mixxx not playing on broadcast server


When trying to connect to the broadcasting server, on my Mixxx I get no errors and music is playing, the broadcasting server shows me as connected but the AutoDJ on the server is still playing and is not playing what I’m playing if that makes sense? I was wondering if anyone could help me?


I have no idea what you mean by that. You can’t connect multiple clients to the same client simultaneously.

It’s like, when I connect to the Icecast server, I get no errors but when listening to the server it’s not playing what I’m playing yet it shows me on air?

Sorry for the confusion

Troubleshooting · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub ?

I had that issue once long ago. My station provider is centova interface. Sounds like its connecting to the secondary stream. Contact you provider and they can walk you though.

If you are connecting to an icecast server, you should have a way to see if the server receives the flow. (well, admin can !).
Generally, if the server is still with its own music, this should mean that it does not receive flow.