MIXXX performance w/without Spectre/Meltdown mitigatitions?

I was just reading this article: phoronix.com/scan.php?page= … wn-2&num=1
that does various Linux benchmarks with and without the Spectre/Meltdown kernel patches.
Does anyone have an idea how much this would affect MIXXX performance?

My DJ laptop (Xubuntu Linux) is only used for MIXXX, so I would be OK running with all the mitigations removed if it helped MIXXX performance.

Turning off mitigations seems to be a contentious subject, but I’ve had no issues after recently disabling them on my DJ laptop, along with an old netbook that I use for work. Could be unrelated, but the netbook has been running 5-10 degrees cooler ever since. Didn’t notice any performance gains in Mixxx tbh, nor did I really gauge it, but unless reports of actual attacks exploiting spectre/meltdown begin to surface, I’m keeping them off.