Mixxx running under low latency kernel


I was wondering if any extra setup would be needed for Mixxx if I’m using a low latency Linux kernel.

Since the audio output wasn’t playing at real time, that’s why I decided to switch to a low latency kernel, but I think that’s not enough.

Thank you in advance!

I don’t know what you mean by this. What is the size of your audio buffer in the Sound Hardware preferences?

The audio buffer is at 23.2 ms. By not playing at real time, I meant the audio playing with some delay.

Then lower your audio buffer size.

there is no 100% “real time” for playing audio digitally, even the lowest buffer size adds some delay.
If you refer to the term “real time” from ‘real time kernel’ it’s not about instant, zero-delay reaction but about predictibility and hitting dead lines.


Thing seems to get working properly. Thanks @Be0 for the advice and @ronso for the useful info!