Mixxx sometimes jumps ahead when attempting to play from cue with quantize switched on


I’m experiencing what appears to be an unpredictable but recurring bug in Mixxx. Often when I load a track in Mixxx and try to play it from the cue point with quantize turned on, Mixxx will skip ahead and play from a point half a beat or so after the cue point, rather than from the cue point itself as expected.

Turning off quantize temporarily prevents this issue from occurring, though obviously this is not ideal, and the issue recurs once quantize is reactivated. The only thing that seems to permanently fix the problem is pressing the Adjust Beatgrid button.

I had initially thought the problem was that Mixxx was trying to synchronize with a stopped track in the other deck, but the issue occurs even immediately after opening Mixxx and with nothing on the other deck.

It’s impossible to tell which tracks are going to have this problem or when its going to occur, which obviously would be a big problem in a live environment.

I’ve attached a video demonstrating the issue. The song choice might not be the clearest to demonstrate the problem but hopefully you can get the idea. In order, the video shows the unexpected behaviour with quantize turned on, the expected behaviour with quantize turned off, and pressing the Adjust Beatgrid button to fix the issue.

I’m running the newest version of Mixxx on Windows 10.

In theory sticky threads exists so users stumble over them…

anyway, can you reproduce the bug with Mixxx 2.3? mixxx.org/download
backup your stuff before upgrading Testing · mixxxdj/mixxx Wiki · GitHub

Sorry about that! Didn’t notice the sticky and wasn’t sure if this was a bug or user error.

Have installed the 2.3 beta and can’t immediately reproduce the issue. Will keep using and will log on the bug tracker if the issue reoccurs.


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