MIXXX states tracks are "missing" but they are in the folder where the Music Directory is grabbing them from?

So I discovered by reseraching some info about MIXXX, that I have a bunch of tracks that are “missing”. These tracks are in the same drive as where I put all my other tracks. See screen shots below.

As you can see, the files are in the same folder that is loaded into MIXXX for the Music Directories. So why is my MIXXX not finding them? I can play them on my computer no problem, OUTSIDE of MIXXX. So what gives?

I’m using Windows 8.1.

Thanks for any help.

did you try Rescan Library form the library menu at the top?

What happens when you drag one of those files onto a deck in Mixxx?

What file format (codec) do those files have?

I’m guessing these are playlist folders since Mixxx doesnt support the windows folder scenario. If that’s the case, I’ve found if your songs are renamed or moved that they will still show in the playlist but the locations are wrong, and therefore mixxx cannot find them. I recently cleaned up my song titles and totally messed up my playlists by doing so. Try moving a song in the playlist to a deck…if the location is wrong it wont let you. That will tell the tale. You’ll have to go to “Tracks” to find it after rescaning the library and re-ad to the playlist. Hope this helped!

If you didn’t do file renaming AND moving to another folder Mixxx should find the files when rescanning and update all track references (playlists, crates, history)