Mixxx version 2.2.3 keeps not responding

I use Windows 10 64-bit and I installed Mixxx 64-bit. I tried running it and it keeps not responding and crashing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, i tried repairing, I even tried the 32-bit. I also tried running it as administrator AND tried a different drive. Nothing. Is. Working. Please help. I’m trying to stream music on SL and I can’t do that if this software won’t work.

Your configuration might be damaged.
Open the file explorer and type this on the address bar (percentage symbol included): %LOCALAPPDATA%
There, rename a folder named “Mixxx” to “Mixxx-faulty” (or whatever other name that you like).

Try launching Mixxx again. You will need to configure it again.
If that works, you can delete the Mixxx-faulty folder.

If it still doesn’t start, locate a file called mixxx.log in that Mixxx folder and attach it to this thread. It could help us understand what happens.

I have the same issue now with version 2.2.4.
64 bits, windows 10. At first start up, and after configuring everything, Mixxx works perfect. But when I shut it down, and restart Mixxx at a later time, it’s not responding anymore. Renaming the Mixxxx folder as suggested helps, but then I need to configure everything again, and again set up all playlists and stuff.
Could the fact that I use Mixxx on my second monitor have something to do with that “not responding” issue?

We can only guess what causes the problem. Please attach a mixxx.log file.

I will do so as soon as “new user cannot upload a file” permits me to do so

I changed the setting, you should be able to add the log file now.

mixxx.log (16.0 KB)

Hmm, I don’t see an issue in the log. Is this the log of a Mixxx session where Mixxx froze or crashed?

mixxx.log (16.0 KB)

it is indeed the log of a Mixxx session where Mixxx kept saying “not responding”.
The above one is from a previous identical situation.
what I can add to clearify things… it only happens when after starting Mixxx and it’s running properly, I move the window to my 2nd screen (with lower resolution), where it will continue to run properly. The “non-responding” occurs when I exit Mixxx in that 2nd screen. If I want to start Mixxx again, the issue occurs. If I drag Mixxx back to my prime screen and exit it there, I have no problem restarting Mixxx.


Could you do the following test?

Do your “crash” scenario: Open it in main screen, move it to second screen and close it on second screen.

Then, make a backup copy of the following file : %localappdata%\Mixxx\mixxx.cfg
Then, edit %localappdata%\Mixxx\mixxx.cfg , locate the MainWindow section and delete it, like the following one:


Then, restart Mixxx.
If it opens without crashing, It would open on your main screen again.
If that is true, then, attach the backup mixxx.cfg file so that we can get the mainwindow values and understand why it crashes.

indeed, followed your instructions, and Mixxx then opened again on the main screen.
attached the backup Mixxx cfg filemixxx - backup.cfg (11.5 KB)

any news on how to solve the issue of Mixxx not responding when I close it on my 2nd screen?

Sorry. I haven’t been able to locate the problem.
I currently don’t have a two-monitor setup (which is important for this bug), and with the values on the mixxx - backup.cfg, it opens here without issue (even after debugging and using the same monitor size).