Mixxx Video Tutorials and Techno sets on YouTube

Hello everyone. I have created a YouTube channel with 2 main activities.

  1. I am resident DJ at Techno.Connection and started to record my live sets also as videos and put them to my channel. So if you like to listen to Techno and wanna see me, then this is the place.

  2. Another point is that I created a few first video tutorial about how to set up Mixxx 2.3. More tutorials are planned but if you like some more topics highlighted that are a bit of generic character then let me know here and I gonna try and make this as well.

Please leave messages and subscribe to my channel for more Techno and Tutorials.



I just uploaded another video tutorial. This time about how to connect Mixxx with other Software (Jamin in my example) using Jack.

Liked your sets, keep on ! :alien:

Thank you very much, happy you like it. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you get notification for the next one that comes soon. Cheers!

now online: TECHNO Tunnel - Part 43 !!!
You can watch on YouTube or just listen at Mixcloud.

Enjoy and have fun!

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Listening now, new layout! :smiley:

Really enjoyed your last TECHNO Tunnel, hard and acid as i like it. :alien:

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Do you like the layout? Wasn’t sure if I should fill up the left side with the 3 mini windows… Appreciate your honest opinion.

Once I buy that new laptop I think I can increase capture resolution so you could even read what I am playing.


I like the layout, playing in front of the camera is better, i miss the VFX but they could be added.
Regarding the music the first 40 minutes i liked your selection very much, quite similiar to my style.
Maybe the intro has not to be so brutal, you just smashed an heavyweight techno song in. :laughing:

Yay! I have got that blue fabric behind me (using as blue screen for the tutorials as well) and did some trials to run Vfx there but due to the light on top of that the chroma key would always change with the light color. So I could only have one, the lights or Vfx. I like my lights and the way they are controlled by Mixxx and QLC+. Really wanna spend more time during the next few months to get different light programs controlled by my Denon PAD buttons, e.g. switch to a strobe effect just before a beat drop or different colors for different moods. That would be really cool, controlling the music and the lights from one place.

For music selection, Techno tunnel series always goes straight into it. Always dark, hard & acid sounds. I have got the techno-4-life show on technoconnection.com where I usually go in a bit more sensitive. On a rave I go in depending of my time slot. My last gig was end of August from 5 to 7 am. So I went in straight with hard stuff as the crowd was really hungry…

Anyway, enjoy the music, enjoy playing and mixing, enjoy power of open source and enjoy life. I do, especially while mixing Techno stuff


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On a rave I go in depending of my time slot. My last gig was end of August from 5 to 7 am. So I went in straight with hard stuff as the crowd was really hungry…

This is so true, if people just want to dance a nice intro is counterproductive, you make them lose the “beat”.
I’m so used at watching livestreams created for online consumption lately that sometimes i forget the fun of letting the beat just straight in.

I feel the energy you put in your sets, keep on like this. :smiley:

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Hey LAM,
hope you doin good… Knowing you don’t use online social network therefore I write that to you this way. Maybe you are a gamer and see Second Life as a computer game… If so then you may like to join me on Saturday. Cheers!


Hey @OsZ,
not a gamer but, yes, it should be fun! :smile: