Mixxx vs Streaming service provider

Hello and happy new year to all,

I’d like to make a suggestion for a future version of Mixxx. The idea would be to make Mixxx compatible with a streaming service provider like Deezer, Spotify or many others. It would offer a library with billions of titles, already tagged, and with a good quality.
Ok, I understand there are few limits and I tried to think about the main ones and some kind of solutions.

  • Impossible to list billions on title in the library tab of Mixxx : indeed, but why not having a special tab dedicated to the streaming service which would display the streaming service provider HMI (=more or less displaying the web page called by their URL when logged with an account) ?
  • It requests a stable network with a high bandwidth : indeed, this functionality would be only available if you can connect to a performant network
  • The songs are protected by DRM and probably encrypted so, impossible to download them locally in PCM format which is a necessary step to add effects, filters and such. Indeed : it would request a kind of partnership with those streaming service providers to develop a special extension which would protect their data from being recorded locally as a file when loaded in Mixxx cache memory.

I think I forgot many other limitation points but, does Mixxx’s development team ever thought about such an evolution ?

DJ Skimau

This has already been discussed ad nauseum in multiple places. It won’t happen because of the DRM. I don’t think there’s any point discussing this yet again repeating the same tired arguments.

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