MP3pro format plugin for Mixxx

I have a very large collection music recorded in the early 2000 with the MP3pro format, I can play that with use of the old mp3pro plugin from winamp in several players like MediaMonkey . Anyone no a pluginn that works with Mixxx ?

wikipedia says
" mp3PRO development has been abandoned. The format was never standardized and there is no publicly available reference source code or documentation in existence. A very old software encoder/player exists, but is not maintained."

Mixxx doesn’t use plugins anymore but the ffmpeg library to decode files. If ffmpeg doesn’t support mp3pro you’d need to find a proprietary player to convert your collection to a playable format.

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Yes its difficult, its indeed a good idea to convert the files, thanks for the reply

with a large collection it’ll be cumbersome to manually record every song. and it looks like there’s no off-the-shelf batch transcoder.
but if you still have Winamp working with that decoder plugin, maybe you find another plugin that lets you automate the transcoding : )

All you need to do is use any mp3 converter software to convert to standard “mp3”. It’s simple to do.

please share a link to “any mp3 converter” that is able to play the entire mp3PRO (mp3 + SBR), not just the mp3 part of it.

I discovered that Mixxx plays the MP3pro files quite well, only a little less high, I correct that with the equalizer, so it’s axeptable to hear now. Until I find a good converter. Maybe I install Winamp with the MP3pro plugin to see if I can convert in bulk.

Note that if you play mp3pro only you can also use the 9-band Master EQ
Preferences > EQ > Master EQ: select “Graphical EQ”

Just remember to reset in case you play other formats, too.

Use Winamp itself to convert them to standard MP3 or maybe to MP4. There was an MP3 encoder but used to need a paid license. Instead, the MP4/AAC encoder was included free of charge. Then, use the converter plugin to convert the tracks.

Mixxx will play the MP3 part of MP3pro as they are really just MP3 files that contain some extra data (the SBR encoded portion) in a place that regular MP3 decoders don’t look at, and just skip it.
They will play as if they were 22Khz instead of 44Khz, so the difference in quality with our without SBR is notable. Might be ok depending on the tracks, but not in general.

You could convert to FLAC to avoid further loss of sound quality.

Mmm… I’m not sure if Winamp had a generic encoder (in order to launch a commandline app). Of course, saving to wav and then encoding could work (but I think that was not an encoder, but an output plugin… Too many years since I last looked)

I discover that I can do a bulk converting with the good old Winamp and the Thomson MP3pro plugin to all modern formats, I am doing that now on an old widows XP computer :slight_smile: . Thanks for all the tips and reactions.