Mp4 video playback skin for mixxx

Is it possible for mixxx to play mp4 video?
That would be a great addition to mixxx.
Then maybe we could play some real vinyl tracks (video obviously).
Maybe on the next update!
Does anyone else agree?

No. Mixxx does not play video and I doubt there is enough interest for this to ever become a feature.

Also, I don’t know what you mean with “some real vinyl tracks” with video. vinyl has always been an audio media. Are you confusing vinyl with LaserDisc? (LaserDisc - Wikipedia)

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Maybe he means RCA Videodisc? Movies on Vinyl - VHD The forgotten 1980s Videodisc - YouTube

Using the name vinyl for these discs is misleading. Vinyl is the name of the kind of plastic used to make the discs. Laserdisc/videodisc don’t use this kind of plastic material and are more like CDs/DVDs, just with a completely different data format.

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The audio stream in .mp4 files is decoded by FFmpeg and could be loaded and played in Mixxx (Linux only currently).

Hey Guys I meant that maybe if Mixxx could play mp4’s I can download mp4 video of a vinyl record and play that video and it would appear as if I were playing a vinyl record. I guess mp3’s are better sound quality anyway.

uff, I don’t get it:
instead of the existing spinnies you want a video of a spinning vinyl when a deck is playing?


you want to play a music video with Mixxy?

Yey… You Got It. A Video of vinyl 45’s

should it be a generic lp turning at constant 45rpm?
should it be the original vinyl incl. cover?

Considering how much space we grant the spinnies I doubt the cover or the effect (minimal movement of the groove refelctions) would be visible at all in the skins.

Apart from that, I don’t really see the benefit, except maybe eye candy on really hi-res screens. all that for a lot of development effort.

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Hey yeah I know what you mean. I no nothing about programming so I understand the difficulty. It’s just that Virtual DJ has a skin that can play mp4 video, but I prefer to use mixxx as it’s sound quality is so much better to VDJ.

Oh and there is really no benefit, I just like to play the odd mp4 vinyl video to myself at night. It’s neater than having lots of vinyl lying around plus I woudl need a large disco set-up if I did that. Let’s just stick to mp3. Thanx guys.