Multiplier / scale for vinyl control range

When a turntable with a range of +/-8% is controlling a deck via vinyl control, is it possible to increase its pitch range? For example: the turntable pitch is set to 8% and the deck pitch is 16%.

According to the thread Extra pitch using decks?…, the answer to this question was No in 2009. I’m interested if this is still valid.

Yes there is a setting in the Decks preferences.

The only setting I can find is the slider range. When I set that to 16%, the slider of the Decks show the extended range of ±16% and I also can move the to 16% with the mouse. But when I move the pitch slider of my turntable to the maximum of +8%, the Deck fader also shows 8%.

My setup contains real turntables with a range of ±8% and Serato timecode vinyl. Is it possible to extend their range?

Ah, sorry I overlooked that you were using timecode. No, that isn’t currently possible; Mixxx determines the velocity to play the deck from the velocity that the turntable is spinning. I think it could be possible to hack around that by applying a multiplier to the velocity that Mixxx uses based on the preference for the tempo fader. I’m not certain how well that would work and it may be complicated to implement, but it would be a cool feature.

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