Music Union logs

How do I create a log for the monthly music unions such as BMI?

Mixxx keeps a log automatically of the tracks played in each session. These can be accessed, and exported as required, through the “History” section in the left-hand sidebar.

Can I separate each union to each own report?
Is The report in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?

You have a choice of export formats - CSV would be the closest to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, if that’s what you need.

I’m not sure what you mean by separating each union into its own report. How would Mixxx know which track is which union?

That is the question. How do I send reports/logs to music unions like BMI?

This is out of scope of Mixxx.

As @pi_r_squared already pointed out you can export individual playlists as CSV files. What you do with this data is up to you.

So is there a current database of artists and what union they belong to?

Literally no idea, but even if so it would make no difference to the way Mixxx exports its play history logs. I’ll leave this thread open in case any practising DJs have any experience of what you are requesting and can advise further, but again this is very much outside of the scope of the software itself.

Is it possible to import the entire playback history this way, or is there some sort of history storage limit?

History playlists are stored in the database until they are delete manually, no limits. Tracks will disappear from playlists when deleted/purged from the library.

Batch export of multiple playlists is not implemented yet.

So I would have to find a data base to determine what each artist belongs to, add that to my spreadsheet, and then sort by each union?
Is this what other online radio stations are doing?