MX 17 Repository: The Liquorix Kernel Thread

We now have the latest 4.13-5 ( 4.13.0-11.1) release of the Liquorix kernel in the test repository. The builds from the developer’s repository now need gcc-7 for the header packages, making those incompatible with MX 17 or Debian/Stretch, so that’s why we have this solution.

Liquorix is a distro kernel replacement built using the best configuration and kernel sources for desktop, multimedia, and gaming workloads.

There are PAE and non-PAE versions available for the 32-bit platform. There are also kernel and header metapackages that will pull in any new versions automatically. If you just install the actual kernel and header packages, those don’t get automatic updates, since every new version is going to be seen by apt as a different package.

There is a Liquorix kernel option in the MX Package Installer, and that also needs testing. Also note that you may need to update firmware, ndiswrapper, or the broadcom-sta-dkms driver packages from the test repo to get them to build with this kernel and you need them. Currently, the standard 375.82 Nvidia proprietary driver in the Debian repositories will build and work with the 4.13 kernel.

This looks interesting, from checking out the site at

Do you Linux MIXXX users out there who have tried the liquorix Kernel noticed any definite improvement in MIXXX performance over using a “lowlatency” kernel or similar?