Native Instruments Kontrol Z2 not functioning under Ubuntu


Today I was trying Mixxx again. Very impressed every time I try it after a while. I’m having the idea to switch to Linux completely. Long story short; right now I’m using Traktor with dvs, 2x cdj-1000 mk3 and a Kontrol Z2.
This setup is quite good and I want to replicate this setup under Ubuntu (or whatever Linux distro) with Mixxx.

I’m facing 2 problems actually:

  1. ALSA sees the soundcard in the Kontrol Z2 and seems to give it priority over Pulseaudio (since I start Mixxx from the gui). I can select the channels as well but I only hear audio over the master output. So it seems the soundcard isn’t working correctly.
  2. Initially Mixxx couldn’t see my Kontrol Z2 at all under Ubuntu. So what I did was the following:

If you still do not see your controller on the left side of Mixxx’s Preferences, check that your user account is in the group “users”. Open a console and run the command groups to find out what groups your user is in. If users is not listed, run usermod -aG users YOUR-USER-NAME as root to add YOUR-USER-NAME to the “users” group, log out, and log back in.

If you did not install Mixxx from the Ubuntu PPA or RPMFusion, you may need to save save this file to /etc/udev/rules.d/mixxx-usb-uaccess.rules . You will need root privileges (use sudo or su ) to copy the file to that location. Then, restart your computer.

After this well written solution Mixxx could see the Kontrol Z2 but only the HID controller. I still can’t see a possibility to MIDI map the controller.
Since Native Instruments doesn’t write drivers for Linux it seems the Kontrol Z2 can’t enter MIDI mode either under Linux.

The problem is solved if I use WIndows. I can MIDI map it directly.

Since the Kontrol Z1 seems to work under Linux I thought it’d be possible that the Kontrol Z2 can work as well. Both seem to be USB class compliant.
I’ve tried to alter some scripts from other Native Instruments controllers but so far no luck.

Should I just be pragmatic and stick to Windows? Or is there a simple solution that I don’t know about?

Thanks for your help in advance!


There work-in-progress HID mapping for the Traktor Kontrol Z2 here:

Documentation (WIP):

Maybe you can help testing it.

Thank you for the really quick response!
I didn’t know there was already WIP for the Z2.
Sorry, I should’ve probably searched more thorough.

I will absolutely test it. Will report back. Hopefully this week.

Hi hlzhs,

I’ve tried the mapping immediately under Ubuntu but no luck so far.
I’ve made the recommended sound settings but still the same problem. I can indicate which outputs and inputs I want to use and load the .js mapping. If I do a lsusb it indicates 2 Native Instruments products (don’t know why) but it’s clearly loaded and plays a track over the master output.

But if I move a fader it doesn’t respond in the software.
Can you point me to a direction?

Thanks for the hard work for the mapping by the way! I really hope I can sort this out!

Please comment directly on GitHub, I can’t help you as I don’t have the hardware. Note that the mapping is currently targeted at Mixxx 2.4, but I don’t know why. Maybe it’s incompatible with 2.2.4 or 2.3 (probably worth asking)…

I’ve commented on Github directly. If I have any news I’ll report back. Thanks!

Nice update, Kontrol z2 works under Windows 10 including dvs. Not all the controls are working yet but it’s very good work in progress.

Dvs is not perfect since the pitch is drifting but it doesn’t seem to alter the tempo. It seems a known problem that is already existing in previous versions of Mixxx. Will do some mixing to see if pitch drifting is only visual. If you have any questions regarding Mixxx and the kontrol z2 pr under Windows please shoot!

Under Linux I didn’t get it working but that’s probably my lack of building skills for the devel version of Mixxx including the pr. Thanks to Joerg for the hard work scripting the Kontrol z2 and for the people who helped me on Zulip and Git.

Ok another update.
Although the pitch is drifting constantly it doesn’t alter the tempo. I’ve made some mixes that were fine.
SInce it’s the latest Alpha version it’s absolutely not stable and has random crashes. For now I have to use Traktor unfortunately but will return when the PR with the Kontrol Z2 is included in a Windows and Linux package in a stable version.

Did you report the crashes on the bug tracker? Otherwise the crashes will probably also become part of the “stable” version.