Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 is not detected in ChromeOS

Hello. I am a beginner dj that has had some experience with iPad apps djing. I did a pro gamer move and bought a 4 channel dj controller. However, Mixxx doesn’t even detect it. I’ve looked here for answers:

I found a little thing on the udev rules but have no idea what’s going on. Do I have to install something? I know I have to access the terminals but I type the commands and it says “command not found”. Is that because the udev rules are not installed?

Thank you for your help.


  1. What OS are you using?
  2. Where did you install Mixxx from?

I have Chrome OS so I use Linux to run Mixxx. I downloaded it straight from Mixxx’s website. I think I have version 2.3.

There are no Linux executables on so I’m not certain what you are referring to. Do you mean the PPA?

You could try following the ChromeOS instructions: Linux FAQ | I have no idea if that will work for an HID device. Please let us know if it does.

I also do not know if the performance will be adequate on ChromeOS because native Linux applications are run inside a container inside a VM.

Oh yeah. I got myself confused. I installed Linux and then used a YouTube tutorial (I think) to download/install Mixxx. It works fine as a standalone.

I checked out those FAQs. Linux only recognizes my controller when it’s plugged in directly without a usb hub. This is annoying since my chromebook only has 1 usb port and I need a second one because my drive has all my music on it. Is this a OS issue or should I get a different usb hub?

So did you have to explicitly give permission to use the Kontrol S3 as described in the FAQ I linked? Does the hub appear as a device you can give permission to?

For the Kontrol S3 there was a button I had to click to allow it. However, for the hub, no such button appeared. Also the button looked like a switch/slider.

I didn’t test the S3 with Mixxx after I clicked the button tho.

I have no idea what to do about this. You’ll have to ask whatever support is available for ChromeOS.

Ok. Thanks for your help.