Necesito ayuda

Buenas tardes a todo el foro , hace meses casi 1 año que vengo investigando y usando el soft de Mixxx .
tengo un sistema operativo Windows 10.
funciona todo perfecto aprendí a usarlo y lo uso en eventos hasta 6 o 7 veces por mes .
En el dia de hoy adquirí mi primer controlador para meterme más en el mundo. pero no logró hacerla funcionar.
detalles: controlador Pioneer ddj wego3 .
disculpen que posteo en español es mi lenguaje nativo.
Pd : en la lista de controladores encontré Pioneer sb y sb2 pero no wego 3 Saludos

I used Google Translate to understand your message. I hope you don’t mind a reply in English.

Your controller support is shown as being In Development on the Mixxx Wiki. … evelopment

The Wiki is missing the link to the forum thread containing the mapping but I think it’s this one.


Note that the mapping is for the Wego, not the Wego3, I am hoping the MIDI messages are the same between them, I can find a list of every message sent by the Wego3 but not the original Wego to compare and be certain.

You will also need to bear in mind it was written for Mixxx 2.0.x, not 2.1.x, so some functions may be a little different (especially anything related to effects.) Also note there are a few forum posts saying not all functions were working quite as expected so you may need to tweak even if it is compatible.

I hope this at least gets you close…

Or this topic has a link to a GitHub project for a mapping specifically for the WeGo3, it may be a better option. Possibly worth trying both…

Some of the replies in that thread say the version attached to this post actually works the best out of the user submitted ones.