New Novation Launchpad mini mapping

Hello everyone,

First, a disclaimer: this is my first post in the Mixxx forum, I hope I am doing nothing wrong.

This mapping for the Launchpad mini mk1 is largely based on jdsilvaa’s work (GitHub - jdsilvaa/mixxx-launchpad-mini: Novation Launchpad Mini mapping for Mixxx), itself based on marczis and zestoi previous mappings for the controller (many thanks to all!). There is also a more advanced mapping from @midiparse (GitHub - dszakallas/mixxx-launchpad: Novation Launchpad mapping for Mixxx); give it a try if you are looking for a very complete controller of 4 decks and 4 samplers!

This mapping will turn your launchpad mini into a simple 2 deck mixer, with support for filters, 4 FX, 16 samplers, library browsing and AutoDJ. It is based on Mixxx’s version 2.2.4, changing some deprecated controls used in the script that I reworked.

This is a summary of the functionalities:

· 1st page is a 2 deck mixer, with track progress, Play, Cue, PFL, Sync, FF/RW, Sync+/-, 4 Hot Cues, 4 Loops, reloop, pitch, crossfader and volume controls.

· 2nd page is for the SuperFilter and Filters on the 2 decks.

· 3rd page is for 4 FX: assigning to decks, first meta knob and mix controls for each FX. I didn’t manage to enable the filters with the script, so you’ll need to activate the first effect on each FX deck for this to work.

· 4th page is for Master Volume and Headphone volume, plus gain and volume control on the 2 decks. It has peak controls for each deck

· 5th page is for Samplers 1-8 with gain; samples will always start from the beginning.

· 6th page is for Samplers 1-8 again, but instead of gain it has PFL, FF/RW, Sync+/-, and hotcues 1-4.

· 7th page is for Samplers 9-16 with gain; activating repeat, quantize, keylock and beatsync on the samples. It is meant to be used with drum samples.

· 8th page is for Library Navigation, loading tracks to deck 1, deck 2, samplers 1-8, and the AutoDJ playlist. There are controls for the font size, waveform zoom, toggle Maximize library, and enabling AutoDJ. It also shows the progress of each track.

The more or less detailed function of each button is as per this image:

So, if like me, you enjoy Mixxx and you have a launchpad mini hanging around, try bringing it back to life as a Mixxx controller. Just copy the files into Mixxx’s user “controllers” folder in your system and choose Novation Launchpad Mini from bassthewise in Mixxx’s Controllers preferences. And, if you use it, I’d love hearing from you!

You will find the latest version of the mapping files here: GitHub - bassthewise/mixxx-launchpad-mini-mapping: Novation Launchpad Mini mapping for Mixxx

With love,
Bass The Wise

Hi, thanks for improving the mapping.

We already have a mapping included since Mixxx 2.0, but it’s basically not usable because there is no documentation for it: Novation Launchpad Mini — Mixxx User Manual

If you’d be willing to write some documentation, you could open a Pull Request on our GitHub repository to have it included in Mixxx and replace the old mapping.

Ok, very well. It will be my pleasure to contribute.