New setup 2nd hand gear

Hi guys, hope someone can help me out. Bought some 2nd hand gear, and no manuals or support so not sure what cables I need or best way to set it all up. Done a few parties with my laptop and someone else’s pa, but now I’ve got a mixer, amp and speakers! It’s a adj qd4690 amp 4 channel, an alto zmx862 mixer and 4 wharfedale 3190 speakers. Took me a while to work out how to connect the laptop to the amp to get 2 speakers working, but sometimes I might need to use the other 2 speakers. Not really a mixxx question, but I’ve only got a few online resources to look at. Need to know best way to connect it all together with no manuals and stuff! Cheers guys.
The spaceman

You can often find PDF versions of the manual online, e. g.

Hey, thanks for that, I’m more struggling with the amp and speakers though to be honest. Don’t understand best way to connect them together and don’t know the difference between bridged and parallel connections. Thanks for your help though, will keep on looking to sort it