New skin for 2.2.4

I was wondering if anyone has ever though of making a “daylight” skin for mixxx 2.2.4
There doesn’t seem to be many skins made for mixxx these days.

Why are the skins for mixxx so dark? Also why no light skins for 2.2.4?

because the DJ context is usually dark.
Shade Classic may work in daylight.

Besides, every feature, skin or mapping exists because someone felt it’s missing - - and started creating it.
Also a daylight theme is on the ToDo list for Mixxx 2.4

If you don’t want to wait for that and would like to work on a daylight theme check out Mixxx 2.3 and take a look at how the themes are realized in LateNight and Shade.

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If you run Windows, there is a built in application called “Magnifier” that has an “Invert Colors” option - it basically turns everything dark on your GUI light, and vice-versa. Works great for outdoor gigs.