New to Mixx with Citrus3

Hi there

I am new to Mixx and am connecting it to my Citrus3 radio station, well trying to!!

At the moment I am getting no sound from my right desk, I am using auto DJ for the moment.

Also I am getting no sound from the mic which is attached to my Behringer Xenyx mixer.

The sounds level bars move but there is no output.

I am using a MacBook Air with 8gb of memory.

Any advice or help will be gre=atefully received.

Thank you


Hi folks

Here is my second issue

I am not getting sound from both decks unless I set the rleft one to 1 and the right one to 2

Then each channel fades into each other but only playing on one side, not stereo

I cannot get sound out of my microphone either

Please help

I have attached some screenshots in case they help

I am very new to this so apologies if I’m asking dumb questions


Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 10.55.53

please post a screen of the sound device page.

main usually needs channels 1/2, headphones 3/4

Here is a screenshot, I hope it helps, but I can’t see channels 3/4 on the microphone option

If I’ve got something wrong in my set up please let me know

I am not very good at technical things so any help will be appreciated

My set up is

MacBook Air running Citrus 3 as the radio station software

Mixx as my broadcast software

Input for the microphone is through a Behringer Xenyx desk

I look forward to hearing from you

Thank you


Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 16.15.57.png

You can’t output both the Headphone signal and Deck 1’s signal on Channels 1-2 of your builtin audio interface at the same time.

Please have a look at and use the configuration that matches your setup.

I have the sound through my headphones now and the decks are fading into each other with auto dj on.

My mic is attached to Sennheiser headphones so how should I set that up or should I get a separate USB mic.

At the moment I can see the sound bar moving up and down when I talk through the mic but there is n output

Hope you can help


I am making progress but this is what is happening at the moment.

When I broadcast and use the mic there is a delay in what I say coming out at the receiver’s end.

Could it be that there is a conflict on the output channel?

Hope you can help

Thank you

Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 18.53.55.png

That is normal. Expect 3-10 seconds of delay caused by the streaming and buffering.

Is there any way of reducing this because it almost makes it impossible to run the station how I want to!


No. Sounds like icecast/SHOUTcast just doesn’t fit your use case. It’s not suitable for (near-) real time streaming.

Theoretically you could reduce the server side buffer size if you run your own SHOUTcast server. But that won’t really help because there’s also buffering going on client-side, and you have no way to influence that. So one listener might have a 5 second delay, and another one might have a 15 second delay, depending on the streaming client, etc.

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@Trevor: You should not listen to the stuff on the radio for monitoring the master (What came out of mixxx). Only if it works or not. If it works all monitoring from you show, you should do in mixxx.


I have set up a iPhone on my mixer to receive calls from guests during a show, it is in one of the main input channels

I want the discussion to be broadcast out through Mixx to Citrus 3 and then to the public

In the Mixx preferences do I choose an input for it and if so which one

I have my main microphone in the first mic input port

Thank you for your help