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I’m new with Mixxx and I’m currently customizing the keyboard control. I got the list of key/control list but I can find those related to FileMenu_…, ViewMenu_… and OptionsMenu_… Where can I find this information.
I also came across a key/control called «maximimze_library» But the spelling looks weird in the documentation. I tried to use it as is and by tried some syntax modification but it did’nt work. Could it be that there is an error in the syntax of that key/control ?

Sometime MP3 files have silence longer than wished at begin and end. Is there a way to ignore those silence. I could not find any parameter in Mixxx setting.

Gilbert Vaillancourt

You can map the controls as described in this wiki page:

As for key shortcuts, like those in the menus, I’m not sure if they are documented anywhere. I’ve did a quick check on the source code and I didn’t locate them. Maybe they are dynamically discovered from the menu entries, but I don’t know.