NEWBIE Needs Help!

Hello! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. I’m having a couple of issues. First, when I tested everything live, I was told that no one could hear me. Why is this? Second, when I use my headphone (as monitor), my voice sounds like it’s dragging. Any idea why this is happening?

Hej @RollTideAlum

Could you describe your setup a bit more?
Did you read the manual? Especially

Hello. Thanks for getting back to me. I’m working with an online radio station that’s using Mixxx.

I have a Pyle USB podcasting microphone. Is this part of my problem, maybe?

As for my second issue, when I click on the satellite icon to enable live broadcasting, I’m told that I can’t be heard.

As @ronso said, can you describe your full setup? Do you have a controller? What sound cards are you using and how are they configured in the preferences? Before trying to get broadcasting to work, make sure that you can hear everything correctly using regular speaker output. It should be possible to use a USB microphone, but there will be timing differences between your microphone and your other sound cards. This is unavoidable and could be the cause of the “dragging”.