Newbie to Mixx probably just being stupid

Hi. Do a fair amount of stage sound, but occasionally get asked to a bit of disco. Humping a 32 channel mixer for the purpose is a bit overkill so have invested in the Hercules DJ Control Starlight that Mixxx states is supported. The supplied link to Serato DJ lite doesn’t seem to allow me to read my music library, or allow me to auto DJ if needed. I’ve used Mixxx on the laptop to give me those functions. I’ve connected the device, but nothing works. I then went in to preferences/controllers and Mixxx had detected the controller, so I enabled it, to no effect. I then downloaded the two files from the location shown in the forum and moved them to C:\Program Files\Mixxx\controllers. Still nothing. Then loaded the preset and applied it, still nothing works. Then went into scripts’ found that and loaded it. No control from the Starlight or anything showing in either input or output mappings. Surely I don’t have to learn all the midi mappings!
Simpletons guide please to a retired IT consultant of 30+ years. (Hangs head in shame)
Thanks in anticipation.

Edit to add: Laptop is running Windows 10 and runs Mixx fine.

This is wrong. Please have a look at: 7. Controlling Mixxx — Mixxx User Manual

Also, what version of mixxx are you using?

Hi @hlzhs and thanks for the swift reply.

I updated Mixxx a week or so ago to 2.2.4.

As I said, just stupidity. Infuriating that I read most of that page but missed the directory info! Searched the drive for Mixxx and found the other controllers sub directory so in it went. All corrected now and all working. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the help desks I managed it would have been closed RTFM!

Thanks again for your help.