No output in Direct monitor

Mixxx 2.24 Windows 10 Pro. I no longer have output if Direct monitor is selected. If Master or Master and Booth is selected i have output, but of course i can hear myself. Mixxx 2.0 Direct Monitor works fine But i like the capability of adjusting Ducking and the 8 samplers. I have 2 identical PC’s and both are having the exact issue. I thought maybe a Windows update issue, so i uninstalled the last 3 updates. No help. I then reset one of the PC’s back to Factory and installed Mixxx with a fresh download. still same issue. Any ideas or work arounds if i,m stuck using the Master mode not to hear myself??2021-02-23T06:00:00Z![Screenshot 2021-02-23 043711|587x500]

That is the point of Direct Monitor mode.