Novation Launchpad Mapping

top left arrow keys for track/library browsing
top right ‘mixer’ button toggles to the mixer page
bottom right is a shift button and above that a 2nd shift button

[size=150]main grid[/size]

the main grid is split into two halves, one for each deck. each half is mapped the same

row 1: quantize, keylock, headphone cue, load
row 2: 2 flanger buttons and 2 gator buttons
row 3: loops 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
row 4: loop in, loop out, loop exit/retrigger, deck reverse
row 5: hotcues 1-4
row 6: hotcues 5-8
row 7: cue, reset pitch, pitch down, pitch up
row 8: play, sync, pitchbend down, pitchbend up

shift + hotcue = delete hotcue
shift2 + hotcue = needle drop for quickly scanning through a track
shift + sync = adjust beatgrid

with the deck playing:

pitchbend = normal pitchbend
shift + pitchbend = pitchbend more

when the deck is not playing:

pitchbend = forward wind/rewind thru the track
shift + pitchbend = very fine fwd/rew to help align beatgrids

[size=150]main grid (mixer mode)[/size]

the mixer page basically consists of 8 columns of virtual faders ala ableton live.

col 1-3: deck A low/mid/high virtual eq faders with eq kills at the top
col 4: volume deck A
col 5: volume deck B
col 6-8: deck B low/mid/high virtual eq faders with eq kills at the top

(make sure you’re not running automap) (5.36 KB)


  • enabled flashing colors
  • use flashing red for eq kills
  • play button flashes when the track is 90% the way thru
  • using internal buffering in the launchpad so that led updates between pages appear instant
  • shift/shift2 buttons (arm/solo) only now show up on the main page (page1)
  • a new toggle shift on the mixer page (page2) on the “vol” button turns the central two volume ‘faders’ into vumeters

the code will support as many ‘pages’ with full led recall when switching between them. i only needed two for now, hence using the ‘mixer’ button as a toggle to change pages.

there’s also plenty of other buttons unmapped at the moment that could be used. (5.97 KB)

I saw on DJTT that you are building mappings for MIXXX and came over right away hoping for this one :smiley:

Can’t wait to try it out. I’ll let you know what I think ASAP.
Might play a little set with it this weekend if all goes well!

Quick question though… Would it be possible to nix the mixer page? I’m assuming yes, so… how?

Thanks zestoi!

I keep getting

The MIDI script function 'NovationLaunchpad.incomingData' was not found in loaded scripts.

The MIDI message 0xB0 0x68 will not be bound.
(Click Show Details for hints.)

and the details say

[code]* Check to see that the function name is spelled correctly in the mapping file (.xml) and script file (.js)

  • Check to see that the script file name (.js) is spelled correctly in the mapping file (.xml)[/code]
    any ideas?

Edit-- It’s for all of the midi messages, I don’t think the note messages though

Update… Got this to work by updating to 1.11 A2
Great mapping overall, going to for sure try it out this weekend
The gater is kind of a joke though (but you already knew that zestoi)

Problem with the hotcues, but that’s in mixxx (i think) track doesn’t stop playing after you use a HC on the controller
Set one up at the end of the track for a quick workaround

yup - the gator isn’t ideal. i did also try to have it move the volume fader up and down, but that went out of sync even faster.

any ideas for that button? i could just replace it with a different flanger or spinback/brake at a different rate?

i think there’s two “gator” buttons in the mapping on the forum? there’s only one in the latest mapping that should be in 1.11.

the latest mapping has two flanger buttons, spinback and brake on row two, and the gator button to the right of loop in/out/reloop

i could just make it another instant loop button or something? any other ideas? a “loop move” button may make sense there - and could change what it does when shift is held down? don’t think i’d want shifted options on the loop in/out/reloop buttons but could do?


I’m new at this. Where does the xml file and the js script file go? I’m on a Mac OSX, 10.7.4.

I know fairly well how to go into libraries, etc. I found a Midi library folder with other xml files, but not sure if this is the right place for the Novation Launchpad mapping. Also, I don’t have a clue as to where the js script file goes.


Paul Overman

i’m over a month late in replying - must be some kind of record :stuck_out_tongue: did u get the issue sorted out? im not sure about mac as i haven’t tried my mappings on there yet - tho do have the 1.11 prerelease installed.

never figured it out, or at leasts never got it recognized in folders I put it into. Thanks,

should be “~/Library/Application Support/Mixxx/controllers” by the looks of it. is that one of the places u already tried?

No, I have not found such a folder as “controllers” in the library/application support. I believe I placed it in some folder I found suggested in a Mixx instruction page. I will dig in and see where I placed it, but have been working on an intense project for two more days, before I can get back to Mixx. thanks for your help,

is there some way to get that running on a Launchpad Mini i tried the mapping with it and some of the functions are working but if i press some of the others i get this error message :
Uncaught exception at line 229 in file D:/Program Files (x86)/Mixxx/controllers/Novation-Launchpad-scripts.js: TypeError: Result of expression ‘this.control2name’ [undefined] is not an object.

i dont want to use it as standalone controller i want it for cues and loops my main controller is a Hercules RMX

okay got the mapping running (just had to press ignore if i got the message) and i have to say that is awesome i really like the function to see the output level and how you can see there the EQs

just want to know one thing at which line in the code is the thing with changing to the mixer is
i want to make a 3th side where i could put the sample controls like 4x4 pads for one sampler

Digging up an old thread, but did anyone ever make an extra page for the samplers?

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Does this work with the Launchpad Mk2? What about the Launchpad S?

recently got one of these second hand, found this mapping but re worked for 4 decks and also 4 sample decks, mixer now for all 4 decks and 4 samples (press session to swap to samplers) with kill for the 4 decks.

replace java scrip with this and it should map ok.

adding here if anyone needs it.
Novation-Launchpad-scripts.js (33 KB)

Hi there!

Is there any chance that you guys could make a script for the Launchpad Pro? The mapping is rather different to the older models of Launchpads. I’ve been trying to MIDI Learn the buttons to the right features in the software, but I have absolutely no idea how to configure the output lights and I have zero knowledge/experience in programming when it comes to custom MIDI messages.

hello there, id love to make a pro version but alas i dont have a pro to do one with, but i can give you some advice, to set the lights you need to set the output on the “output mappings” the next one to where you see you input mappings,
set the same mapping as your input

Same Channel
OPcode Note on
Control the same the the button

set your on and off values use … uide_0.pdf for reference

and set the same action for the buttun you want

this wont set pages etc but you can setup the basics, if you want the script to run youll have to edit that yourself, or send me a pro and ill do it for you:)

Thanks! I’ll give it a try. Hopefully it works!

OK, So I’m unsure what to set for “On Value”, “Off Value”, “Action”, “On Range Min” and “On Range Max” as they are only in the Output Mappings section so I can’t match them with any Input Mappings settings.