Novation Launchpad Mini Mapping Official Forum

Whooo hooo, next step in my work, initial version is ready and working, but we need a forum too,
I will tell you soon here what we have now in the planned 1.12 :slight_smile:
Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Minor gardening, moved to the Controller Presets sub-forum :slight_smile:.

So what we have so far:

  • Changing virtual “page” so we get 8x (64 + 7) buttons
  • Added “shift” button
    First page:
  • Hot Cues
  • Instant loops (2 modes beatloop-roll / normal, both only while you press one of the buttons)
  • play button
    Second page:
  • Seek
    Last page:
  • “navigation” between tracks
  • Side navigation
  • load buttons

The big question for everyone, what else would be useful ?
I use the mini as a side controller for AA VMS4.1, so I’m not really into implementing faders / knobs, but if soo many users wants it I can add… I would like to concentrate on the usability things, so the less keyboard typing is the best for me… :slight_smile:
Any feedback is highly appreciated and welcomed.

Oh, sorry, I update the xml than.

Could you please document how the mapping works with diagrams on the wiki?

Where is the download for this mapping?!?!?!?!? I’m logged in. Stumped.